Melanotan II Results Before And After Pale To Tanned Skin

Will Melanotan II Permanently Darken Your Skin? | How Long Do The Results Last?

Melanotan II Results Can Be Permanent

Whether or not Melanotan II permanently tans your skin is something that isn't discussed often in relation to its use.

I felt the need to address this because I'm a very experienced Melanotan II user and have researched it a lot over the years.

Yes, to some extent, Melanotan II permanently darkened my skin after a year of continuous use.

Melanotan II is an injectable peptide mainly used to greatly increase your body’s ability to tan.

The pigment of your skin getting darker is the result of UV ray exposure.

As your skin becomes exposed to UV rays, Melanin is produced to protect your skin from burning and sun damage.

If you're using Melanotan II for a short sporadic period of time, I'm not 100% sure if it's going to be permanent, or the results may just be negligible due to low frequency or dosage in general.

But, if you've got yourself to a pretty dark shade, there is absolutely a possibility that your base color will permanently become darker than your original skin color, even if you've discontinued Melanotan II usage and stopped getting UV exposure.

My Baseline Skin Tone Now Vs. Before

In the training footage below, this is after the entire winter of not touching Melanotan II, or being in the sun at all.

You can see I still have a tan, and I still am the same color now.

I look decently tanned considering I have been indoors and haven't stepped in the sun for a third of a year, and I haven't touched Melanotan II either.

If you look at my base color of what I used to be before I tried Melanotan II a couple of years ago, it was this:

More Plates More Dates Derek Pale Skin Color Before Using Melanotan II

I was a very pale person.

To this day now, no matter how long I take off of Melanotan II, or don't go in the sun, Melanotan II permanently darkened my skin, as my base color never really gets lighter than that video.

Keep that in mind if you are going to embark on any experiments using Melanotan II.

Melanotan II permanently darkens your skin color, and the tan it produces lasts for a significantly longer period of time than a naturally achieved tan.

Take Martina Big for example.

She has abused Melanotan II for so long and with such high dosages that even if she stopped using it and stopped UV exposure entirely, it would probably take upwards of a year for her to revert back to baseline, and her baseline is almost undoubtedly darker than her original base skin tone.

Take this into consideration when it comes to long term Melanotan II usage.

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  1. Did you experience any ‘white spots’ when taking Melanotan? I guess the clinical name is Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis and is most probably heredity but seems to affect some Melanotan users…

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