Kevin Levrone Before And After His First Two Steroid Cycles

Kevin Levrone’s Steroid Cycles And How Much Muscle He Gained From Each

Kevin Levrone is among professional bodybuilders like Dorian Yates who have opened up about their steroid cycles and dosages.

In an interview with Muscular Development Kevin Levrone outlined his first and second steroid cycles with specific details, which gives us great insight into what kind of compounds and dosages he used to build his physique up.

Levrone went through only a handful of cycles before he ended up on the Olympia stage.

It's insane to think that within just a couple years of steroid use Kevin was already standing on stage beside Dorian Yates placing 2nd at the 1992 Mr. Olympia.

Kevin Levrone story is one of the best examples in history of elite genetic response to steroids.

Kevin Levrone's First Steroid Cycle

Kevin Levrone started his first steroid cycle at 24 years old, six weeks out of his first competition (the 1990 NPC Maryland State Championship).

Kevin first steroid cycle was comprised of:

During that went from 198 pounds up to 206 pounds six weeks later while simultaneously burning fat.

Although we are only able to have a glimpse of what his physique looks like after that first cycle due to the limited number of available photos, we can get a fair idea of the kind of musculature he was displaying at that first show.

Kevin Levrone on stage at his first contest in 1990 after his first steroid cycle

When it comes to testosterone use (and steroids in general), an increase in fat-free mass doesn't necessarily mean that the body weight is comprised of only contractile tissue.

This is often overlooked and is evidently exaggerated in the clinical data on graded dose response to testosterone in healthy young men.

Because of this, we need to speculate a bit on how much weight Kevin actually gained during this first cycle of actual pure muscle.

Based on an 8 pound gain, the simultaneous drop in body fat, and Kevin's body composition he showed on stage at that first show, we can surmise that he probably gained around 10 pounds of muscle during that 6 week cycle.

Kevin Levrone's Second Steroid Cycle

After winning the 1990 NPC Maryland State Championship, Kevin had some time to eat in a calorie surplus and actually have a full off-season before his next pro qualifier show.

Kevin's second steroid cycle is far more indicative of his genetic response to anabolics as his first cycle was only six weeks long and didn't have as much leniency in regards to his calorie allotment.

Kevin's second steroid cycle was comprised of:

That comes to 1700 mg per AAS per week for his second cycle.

Despite that being a fairly aggressive second cycle, Kevin claims he has never experienced negative side effects throughout his entire career.

This second cycle is what allowed Kevin to pack on 30 pounds of fat-free mass between 1990 and nationals in 1991.

Kevin Levrone's Contest Prep Cycle

For contest prep Kevin would add in androgenic hardening agents and let the more water retensive drugs work out of his system.

At the start of contest prep Kevin added in four amps of Winstrol per week, split into twice weekly administration (2 amps administered twice per week).

Winstrol V came in 50-milligram amps, so his weekly Winstrol dosage was 200 milligrams.

At four weeks out, Kevin dropped the Testosterone, Nandrolone and Anadrol.

At two weeks out Kevin added in 20 milligrams per day of Halotestin tabs, and would go into shows on Winstrol and Halo only.

Between 1990 and 1991, Kevin's stage weight increased from 206 pounds to 236 pounds.

A 10 pound stage weight increase per year I would consider a VERY successful off-season.

Kevin managed to put on 30 during his first off-season, and found himself on the Olympia stage placing second to Dorian Yates within 2 years of his first steroid cycle.


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