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Ibutamoren (MK-677) Frequently Asked Questions

For those that are just here find out where to buy accurately dosed, third party tested Ibutamoren (MK-677), these are the only companies I currently use for my own personal research:

(Greater Than 99% Purity: FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS & NMR Tested)

Science.bio – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

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Does Ibutamoren cause hair loss? What kind of side effects does Ibutamoren have?

No, it doesn’t cause any change in your body’s testosterone, estrogen, or DHT levels. There are no androgenic side effects and there is zero chance of accelerating male pattern baldness.

If any hair loss occurred as a result of Ibutamoren usage, it would be temporary shedding, not the progression of male pattern baldness.

Tingly fingers/hands, elevated blood sugar, intense dreams, some lethargy, water retention, as well as increased appetite is the extent of the side effects I am aware of.

Are the gains from Ibutamoren maintainable after coming off of it?

Yes, the gains are very maintainable as it has no negative impact on your natural testosterone or natural GH production.

Does timing matter when I take the Ibutamoren dose each day?

IGF-1 levels will remain elevated for up to 24 hours after taking a single oral dose of Ibutamoren, so once per day dosing is fine.

However, after taking MK-677 GH levels will drastically spike, which may cause lethargy.

Taking this into consideration, I always opt to use it pre-bed so I'm not lethargic at work or during my day time activities.

How does Ibutamoren work?

After ingestion, MK-677 signals the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone.

One common misconception is the assumption that MK-677 causes an increase in the quantity of daily GH pulsations.

What actually happens is that it increases the strength of each pulsation of GH from the pituitary gland, consequently increasing the body's total 24 hour GH production amount.

GH then stimulates the liver to produce Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

How does Ibutamoren compare to injectable GH and peptides?

I’ve personally seen IGF-1 levels in several different individuals’ blood work (the most accurate method of determining GH levels within the body) taking Ibutamoren reaching the equivalent of at least a 3-4 IU daily dose of growth hormone.

These results were achieved at a fraction of the cost of exogenous GH (literally 1/20th of the cost).

In contrast to peptides, Ibutamoren gives the same benefits but doesn’t cause pituitary desensitization like other GHRP’s do, doesn’t need to be injected, and is cheaper.

In short, Ibutamoren is as strong as injectable GH and peptides, but is much cheaper, doesn’t need to be stored in a fridge to prevent degradation, and doesn’t need to be injected.

Of all the various GH elevating compounds at our disposal, Ibutamoren is easily pound for pound the best bang for your buck.

Do I need to cycle Ibutamoren?

There is no shutdown of natural GH production with Ibutamoren, nor is there a need for PCT, but it should be cycled unless it was being used for the therapeutic treatment of growth hormone deficiency.

The first reason being that Ibutamoren will increase blood glucose levels, which can contribute to insulin resistance long-term (just like GH or peptides).

The second reason being that Ibutamoren seems to have a diminishing returns effect.

There are clinical studies showing a drastic spike in GH and IGF-1 levels up to the end of the first month, with a slow gradual decline in benefit over the next 11 months of the year.

There are other studies that exhibit this diminishing returns effect occurring at the 6 month mark, with the same slow gradual decline thereafter.

And then there are some studies not showing this diminishing returns effect at all.

Despite the limited data, the fact remains that Ibutamoren is a GH secretagogue, meaning the mechanism by which it functions is mediated through the pituitary gland which has a negative feedback loop to prevent the body from secreting too much GH.

It is plausible to assume that eventually the body will facilitate counter measures to bring GH and IGF-1 levels back down to baseline.

There is also some data that suggests that chronic ghrelin secretion may have a negative effect on stress response pathways in the brain long-term.

Although the supporting data is weak, cautious individuals should cycle Ibutamoren regardless.

I personally wouldn't use it for more than 6 months straight, and that would be much less if I had issues managing blood sugar.

If you're going to use it, get a baseline fasting blood sugar average by checking it upon waking on an empty stomach before consuming anything.

If you already have moderately high or high fasting blood glucose levels, I wouldn't even touch Ibutamoren (or GH) until those levels were brought to a more optimal level via lifestyle changes, diet changes, and/or insulin sensitizing agents.

If you do use it, monitor blood sugar closely, and if you start noticing that you have chronically high blood sugar, it may be wise to cycle off, or just not use it at all.

The number one cause of type 2 Diabetes in bodybuilding is excessive carbohydrate consumption in conjunction with growth hormone abuse.

Those individuals likely never monitored their blood sugar levels at all.

If you are going to use GH, a secretagogue, peptides, or anything that spikes GH/IGF-1, you should have a blood glucose monitor that you use regularly to ensure you aren't slowly inducing insulin resistance.

What can I expect from Ibutamoren results wise?

A rapid increase in muscular fullness, size, and improved sleep quality is commonly reported among Ibutamoren users.

It isn’t uncommon for individuals to gain up to 10-15 pounds, with almost half of that coming on substantially quickly in the first couple weeks.

It is a very dramatic compound and the results are very noticeable.

With that being said, do not misinterpret all of this weight as muscle tissue.

The main benefit GH has on body composition is improved nutrient partitioning, lipolysis, and increased muscular fullness facilitated via increased nitrogen and intramuscular water retention.

Despite the scale jumping up and the mass added looking lean, a very small amount of that (if any) would be literal muscle tissue.

A very obvious effect that is fairly typical is that sleep quality dramatically improves and REM sleep is easier to achieve.

An improvement of complexion, energy levels and immune system is a commonly reported benefit as well.

Can Ibutamoren Suppress Your Natural GH Production?

Ibutamoren inherently upregulates natural growth hormone production.

Despite it being an exogenous compound, the way it works is by stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone via the same mechanism it naturally would anyways.

All secretions of GH that occur with Ibutamoren in the body are natural, they are just amplified in strength.

There is no evidence to support that taking Ibutamoren will inhibit natural GH secretion events after discontinuing it.

Can Ibutamoren be used for cutting or bulking?

While you can cut or bulk on Ibutamoren, I generally advise bulking with it as it definitely has a tendency to drastically increase your appetite, making it extremely hard to cut down without an appetite suppressant.

If you want to cut down and get shredded on Ibutamoren I highly suggest you get a potent appetite suppressant as Ibutamoren will almost certainly increase your appetite significantly.

Can Ibutamoren counter the catabolic effects of T3?

It will absolutely help prevent catabolism caused by t3.

I'm not guaranteeing you won't lose any muscle as t3 can be VERY catabolic at high enough doses, but it will definitely help keep a lot of muscle on you you would otherwise lose.

There is a study that exhibits how T3 actually completely negated the nitrogen retaining benefits GH provides, so that in itself should exemplify just how catabolic T3 can be.

Effects of long-term growth hormone (GH) and triiodothyronine (T3) administration on functional hepatic nitrogen clearance in normal man.

Is Ibutamoren A SARM like Ostarine or LGD-4033?

No, it is a potent GH Secretagogue. It is non-steroidal, and it is not a SARM either despite popular belief.

A GH Secretagogue is a substance that signals the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone.

Would Taking A SARM With It Increase My Results?

Stacking Ibutamoren with a SARM would undoubtedly increase muscle growth potential.

While Ibutamoren is a GH Secretagogue stimulating the pituitary gland, SARMs operate exclusively on the androgen receptor.

As such, stacking it with a SARM like Ostarine or LGD-4033 would essentially be like stacking HGH with a low dose of Testosterone.

As you would expect, more muscle growth potential and a more drastic change in overall body composition could be achieved with a combination of the two, rather than one or the other on their own.

How do increased HGH and IGF-1 levels from the MK-677 benefit me?

HGH promotes and increases the synthesis of new protein tissues, allowing new muscle to be built.

It metabolizes fat incredibly well, improves complexion, has dramatic anti-aging properties, increases hair growth (where you want it).

It improves sleeping patterns (making for fewer unintended awakenings and better REM-stage sleep), it produces more energy, it may improve sexual performance, it builds stronger bones and it improves the quality and duration of heart and kidneys.

IGF-1 supports cellular division (the only hormone that can actually create brand new muscle cells via muscular cell division), repairs nerve damage, lowers body fat levels, and also exhibits anti-aging properties by tightening up loose skin, healing old injuries, as well as healing bones, tendons and ligaments.

How safe is it?

Ibutamoren has a promising safety profile based on all of the clinical data to date.

A 2 year clinical study of using Ibutamoren every single day at a dose of 25mg concluded that “daily administration of Ibutamoren significantly increased growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor I levels to those of healthy young adults without serious adverse effects.

The ghrelin mimetic Ibutamoren enhanced pulsatile growth hormone secretion, significantly increased fat-free mass, and was generally well tolerated”

Effects of an oral ghrelin mimetic on body composition and clinical outcomes in healthy older adults: a randomized trial

Are there any supplements I need to take with Ibutamoren?

Using 200 mcg Huperzine A 3 times per day may enhance the effects of Ibutamoren.

There is some data that suggests that Huperzine A may inhibit Somatostatin in the body.

Somatostatin is the body's counter measure to prevent HGH levels from getting too high.

Sort of like Myostatin's effect on inhibiting muscle growth.

Huperzine A may be able to inhibit Somatostatin, consequently freeing up more free/usable HGH.

Taking the Huperzine A will keep Somatostatin from inhibiting your pituitary released GH from the Ibutamoren.

While the evidence to support this is weak, Huperzine A is a great Nootropic and is very cheap, so I use it daily anyways just in case.

It has several benefits in its own right irrelevant to Somatostatin inhibition.

Using an insulin sensitizing agent like Berberine to keep blood sugar in check would also be something that could be very beneficial to use with Ibutamoren.

How long does Ibutamoren take to start working?

Ibutamoren starts working right away as the terminal half-life is 4.7 hours.

The drastic increase in GH levels will occur very quickly after ingestion, and usually by the end of the first week there is already a fairly substantial change in body composition due to the quick boost in intramuscular water and nitrogen retention it causes.

Do I need to take PCT after taking MK-677?

No, there is no PCT necessary as it doesn’t suppress natural testosterone levels, nor does it affect your natural GH production.

Is Ibutamoren worth taking even for steroid users during a cycle?

Ibutamoren is the one product I would actually without hesitation say that even if you were on a heavy dosed steroid cycle, throwing it in would could still provide a huge benefit.

I've personally seen blood work that proves that it can increase IGF-1 levels as much as a low-moderate dose of GH.

Does it need to be taken on an empty stomach?

No, having food in your stomach won’t affect the absorption at all.

What Is The Best Source To Buy Ibutamoren (MK-677) From?

Most Ibutamoren sources do not third party test their products, nor do they have any satisfactory level of quality control whatsoever.

I strongly advise that before you buy SARMs or Ibutamoren from a company online you thoroughly evaluate their track record, their third party test results, and how they are marketing their products in general.

These Are My Current Trusted/Go To Companies For Third Party Tested 99%+ Pure Ibutamoren:

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

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269 thoughts on “Ibutamoren (MK-677) Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hi Derek, thank you for this Q&A!
    Would you suggest to take 10mg/day or go wild and take 20mg ?
    The results seem to be dose-dependants so the sweet spot should be found, right?

      1. Hello DC,

        May I ask how you take the 25mg “sweet spot” dosage with the caps being 10mg each?

        Do you open up the third cap and half the contents?


        1. When I wrote the article I was researching a different source that 25mg was possible. For EnhancedAthlete I just use 30mg.

          1. Thanks, DC.

            About the 5 on 2 off protocol I’ve read about so much on the net —

            — is there any merit to this in your opinion? The fear I’ve heard is the “2 week study” showed that the bloodwork took a huge dive after 1 week and the subjects were possibly showing resistance of some kind.

            Thanks again.

      2. I received my order today from Enhaced Athlete that was two bottle of MK-677 supposedly to 60 capsules each one but I opened the two bottle to count and for my surprise onde bottle came with only 53 capsules and the other one with 54 capsules. That was my first order with the Enhanced Athele and I thought that would be the first of many more but how can I trust in a company who steal from your customer ? If I did not had the ideia to count the capsules? was not just a mistake with just one bottle but with the two , this is a shame for this company and I thought that I could trust in a campany that Tony Hughes represent! I am very disapoint and ungry at the same time and I want do know what they have to say and do about it.

        1. EA hasn’t sold MK-677 for months, so I’m not sure where you’re getting your products from, but it doesn’t sound like it’s from the company. I don’t think Tony would have anything to say about it because EA doesn’t sell/manufacture anything right now, and hasn’t for a while.

        2. So if I was taking 25mgs of mk677 and decided to split up the dosage would I still get the same dramatic rise in igf-1 than if I were to take it all at one dose?

      3. Hi derek im on mk677 25 mg for 7 days now, and i have experience the next side effect
        Headache and diarrhea, and 2
        Times simptoms of hipoglicemic , now in your opinion what can i do to fix those side effect?

    1. I know this is old thread, but I’ve been taking another brand of MK677 for over a year. That source is no longer available, so I sought out another source. I found EA. Old source was one pill before bed @25mg. I felt the hunger and defiantly slept better. It is possible though that source was under dosed or possible not even MK677.
      Now on to the EA MK, I’ve been using for 4 days now @20mg before bed. OMG!! So each day I have the most excruciating headaches. Almost as if I can feel my pituitary gland working. I also have woken up every night in the middle of the night and tough to fall back asleep. Last night I didn’t take any, still slight headache this morning but nothing like last 4 days. I actually slept through the night last night and felt groggy waking up. I’m going to wait another day, then start up again but only 10mg. I think this EA is super potent, or not real MK, or I am super sensitive. Any thoughts??? I have never gotten igf bloods.

      1. I don’t know if the product you were taking before was MK-677 but EA’s MK-677 is HPLC lab tested for purity and is absolutely MK-677, so I would surmise this is how your body is initially reacting to potent MK-677.

        1. Hi Derek ,i keep hearing that MK677 in capsule form is fake by a certain webite out there.A prominent website .I doubt Mr Huge would fake anything as he is a great guy.So this website claims that Mk 677 or a sarm can only be delivered by a liquid souce and not for any reason capsulated .if it is capped they say it is more or less most likley only a pro hormone and not really a sarm .What do you know for certain thanks

          1. https://moreplatesmoredates.com/sarms-liquid-vs-capsules/

            He’s lying plain and simple, and I know exactly who you are referring to without even having to ask. EA is his biggest competition, so he says whatever he can to get a competitive advantage, even if it’s flat out lies. Here’s a video to get an idea of how much you can trust what he says:


            Last I checked, ALL of EA’s products are third party tested, they would have far too much to lose if their products were tainted with PH’s, so they would be the absolute last company to be messing around and doing that. I wouldn’t hesitate to say they are very likely one of the only companies in the entire industry actually paying for third party testing of all of their products. And no I’m not referring to getting COA’s sent to them for free by their China manufacturers that will claim everything is good to go (what 99% of other companies do). I mean literally paying thousands of dollars per product and sending it to a lab in the USA to get unbiased third party testing done via High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

            For the record, you can make Liquid prohormones too. It’s just a different method of delivery (suspending in grain alcohol/solution vs capping it). All prohormones start out in powder form too, and can be put into a liquid just as easily.

    2. Hey Derek just a couple of questions about MK for a hypothyroid patient. I was on mk for about a year and didn’t cycle off of it and my TSH level was 29, in about 3 weeks I dropped it back down by changing my levothyroxine dose.
      When my TSH was 29 I was very depressed, cold intolerant and so many other things. Should a thyroid patient avoid mk?

  2. Oh I see you been using tony huge stuff so it must work if your using it bro I will definitely order his products then that’s awesome I like tony he is super honest.

  3. Ibutamoren is real good! A friend took 30 mg a day for a month, and the results were impressive. Don’t expect a high dose steroid transformation, but this stuff works great. My friend experienced about a 8 lbs increase in body weight, really good pumps and muscular fullness, huge strength gains AND fat loss at the same time. In four weeks he increased his overhead press with 23 lbs.

    No side effects were noticed. NONE. There was some water retention, but this wasn’t a problem, it only made him look bigger. It did not make him look puffy. Sleeping was great during this period. He’d sleep so deep, and his dreams were insane.

    He’s off now, since it’s run out. He’s lost some muscle fullness, but no muscle or strength at all. Overall he thinks this is one of the few “SARMs” (well, technically it isn’t) that’s really worth trying, since he didn’t experience any side effects, didn’t need a PCT, but still got great results from it.

    1. Did he feel any sense of Well-Being?? ive heard yes from some people and no from others … i hear Mk 2866 theres ALOT of great sense of well-being … im just very curious from someone whos tries MK 677 if theres a noticeable difference. can anyone else if they can chime in on this would be great also!! thank you

  4. Hey man, (for research purposes only) I was wondering if you would recommend liquid or pills? i cant choose between EA, sarmsx, or sarms1. i see alot of positive and negative reviews for all three so if you could help me in any way so my rats get the best source I would appreciate it. I plan on doing this for a couple months then closer to summer finish my bottle of osta red. From what ive read there is no PCT for mk right? last question, is there any log or blood results before and after of mk and maybe off cycle? Im just curious if it affects any other levels such as cholesteral and when off cycle, does your igf levles go back to normal and function properly again or do they take a hit?

    Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the help!

    1. There is no difference between if it is liquid or pills. All that matters is that the product you are getting is pure.

      The choice is obvious man, these compounds don’t cost as much as you’ve probably been led to believe they do. They are actually fairly cheap. If a company is trying to charge you way over $100, let alone almost $200, you can be SURE you are getting colossally ripped off.

      EA has a top notch product, it is priced reasonably, and with a discount code it’s even more affordable (use discount code “DC15” to save money).

      There is zero sense paying over twice as much for a product that is the same quality.

      No there is no PCT for MK-677.

      Yes there are plenty of logs and blood test results available. Look them up, they’re all over the internet, as well is in many of clinical studies I have linked in my MK-677 article.

      Your natural HGH and IGF-1 levels don’t “take a hit” they remain entirely unaffected after coming off of it.

      1. Thanks for the help man. For my lab rats what would be better for bulking. im undecided on either lgd or mk. i like how mk doesnt mess with test levels and etc but at same time im having trouble deciding. does mk kick in pretty quick or is this a product that takes months to start noticing a difference? if i could see a difference within 1-2 months i would probably just do mk over lgd for first cycle of peds since its less stuff to worry about for pct and etc.

          1. Ok cool. my biggest worry is test shutdown. is that a possibility of total shutdown with this or just highly suppressed? since i havent run anything like this i would want to have everything just incase. would a on cycle support be necessary?

          2. Suppressed would be the worst case scenario. On cycle all you’d need is an AI potentially. Arimi-RX from enhancedathlete.com will suffice. Read through my articles all the info is there.

  5. Im thinking about doing mk for a month to help my lab rats bulk, but am worried about the hypoglycemia and hyperplasia. I work in the medical field so was wondering if you know anything about mk and those two factors i listed above. Could mk possibly cause you to be hypoglycemic when coming off cycle and can mk cause any growth in tumors or organs or possibly cancer? I guess the reason im hesitant is cause cancer runs in my family so thats main thing holding me back. I dont know if you can help me but thought i would ask. Appreciate the help and time.

    1. HGH causes Hyperglycemia, not Hypoglycemia. And no you won’t become a diabetic from one month of use of MK-677, let alone even if you used it for a year straight, it simply doesn’t produce enough GH to be a concern for that.

      Second of all, it can’t give you cancer, it can only accelerate the growth of existing cancer cells via hyperplasia, so if you have cancer then don’t use it, if you don’t have cancer then you’re good to go.

      1. Ok thanks for the help. I will probably avoid then just because of my familys history of cancer and the fact that its hard to tell if you have cancer or not. Anyways Im going to go with osta then for my lab rats. Ive heard alot about osta being used for cutting but with a bulking diet would osta help to put on some size or not really? should i run an on cycle ai or not really and for pct do you think a test booster and ai would be good enough or do you think clomid or nova would be necessary? Thanks again for the help.

          1. Thanks read the whole thing. ima go ahead and order this instead of mk. only other quick question is for pct would a test booster with the armi rx be an over kill or could that help just to be safe. i saw some people say clomid but i dont really want to do that, but if its important then i will but rather not.

          2. Arimi-RX PCT is a test booster, no need to add one to it. Use 1 pill of Arimi-RX each day alongside your Osta if you want to be safe and offset any possible suppression side effects, and then bump the dose to 3 pills of Arimi-RX per day during PCT (starting the day after you stop your Osta) and run that for 4 weeks.

            Osta on its’ own is pretty mild and probably won’t need any Clomid in the PCT imo unless you were running an excessively high dose for a long period of time.

  6. Derek, do you cycle MK 677?

    I’ve read that it can be run for months, since it doesn’t cause suppression.


    I’ve also read that running it for too long can cause GH to go “too high,” and cause lethargy.

    Do you typically cycle it?

      1. So I have taken 20mg 30 minutes before bed for about a week. Have been having great results but I’m starting to get worried after researching MK-677. (I have DNA Anabolic MK-677) I am worried about the Cell division. Can this cause cancer or make tumors bigger? Just curious how risky this stuff is long term. Would love any feed back.

        Some sites say its a peptide and some say it isn’t. Just wishing I could find some solid research on it. Most the stuff I have found seems to be opinionated and not factual.

        Thank you!!

        1. I already answered this question in the comments section, scroll up.

          It’s not a peptide, it’s a GH secretagogue. That is a fact.

  7. I’ve started running it at around 20mg a day.
    About the same time, I’ve been getting debilitating leg cramps to the point my legs give out.
    Coincidence or from 677?

    1. Have any other factors changed? Did you just start bulking or taking in more carbs? Did you start anything else? Need more details.

      Honestly I suspect you just aren’t properly hydrated while on MK-677. Drink more water.

  8. I know the choice is mine but, seeing different prices and buying the $196 dollar bottle of 677 is there another company worth looking at? I mean I understand everyone wants to make a buck but getting a valid answer for a different source is frustrating. I mean, what should it cost to get a month long bottle of 677? I don’t know I don’t make it or buy the raw but spending $80 on a bottle and its fine is way better than 200, you see what I am saying? The only reason I have kept buying from the same source is because I was told it was the best and that’s why I pay the most. Now, I have noticed the gains while on their stuff which I am good with but 200 a month is getting kind of crazy if I can get the same results from a cheaper source.

    1. It doesn’t cost $200 to make this stuff, or $100, or even close to that for that matter. Raw powders from China are cheap, if you are paying $200 for this stuff you’re getting robbed.

  9. Hello Derek.

    I’ve seen blood tests from people who used MK-677 for a month or even for a week and their IGF levels increased, that means that the longer the use, the higher will be the levels? But i also assume that if a person use it continuously, it will reach a point where the levels will remain stable or even drop?

    Thank you.

    1. They increase in a diminishing manner. AKA it increases them much faster when you first start it, and it slowly increases less and less. Eventually this would stabilize I assume, although I haven’t ever seen detailed enough blood work in person from someone who researched it for years on end to confirm this.

      1. Thanks for the quick response.

        One more thing, do you think there’s any benefit in taking 50mg instead of the usual 25mg dose? Will the levels be significantly higher?

    1. There are no negative interactions between standard pre-workouts and post-workout shakes with MK-677. It’s not a stimulant.

  10. Hello Derek,

    Whats your opinion in taking MK-677 all year straight? I want to take but it’s not even for bodybuilding purposes, but rather to keep a more youthful look, better skin and hair, strong bones, and for general good health.

    Thank you.

    1. It makes me hold a layer of water which I don’t like in the summer time so I’m not a fan of it year round. Ultimately it’s up to you and your personal goals.

        1. Depends on your genetic response to it. In my case, yes it makes my face a little too bloated for my liking. My face naturally bloats up easily though.

  11. Suzette M Zentner

    I want to share my experience with mk-677. I am an almost 50 year old premenopausal female. I am assuming because of my age I do not get any negative side effects as I am producing very low amounts of gh naturally. 25mg per day and I have no water retention, no tingling, and my appetite is normal. I workout with a trainer 3x per week and have noticed a dramatic spike in stamina and endurance/energy while working out. I can see where my body is starting to firm up and I have only been using for 2 weeks. My facial skin has also improved so much. It is soft, more firm, and a little fuller. My only concern is long term use in humans and what effect it possibly has on organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.

  12. Is MK-677 safe to take along with Testerone Ciponate injections. I am taking 1.2-1.5 ml of test per week, and would like to add MK-677. Thanks – CL

      1. I heard you say not to use it if you have cancer but nothing specifically about lipomas. I also saw in the article that you said it has shown to reduce tumors in mice but wasnt sure if that applied to cancerous tumors or benign fatty tumors so was wondering if you would recommend not to use it specifically if one had multiple lipomas/cysts?

          1. Im mainly looking for something for healing to help some tendinitis/ old injuries. Thats why i was looking into the mk677 and also ostarine but was just worried about them affecting my lipomas. Think I might try out tb500 as ive heard a lot of good things about it and think it would probably be the safest bet

          2. The only compounds that may cause cellular hyperplasia are GH, MK-677, GHRP’s, and GHRH’s. Basically anything that increases GH/IGF-1 levels can cause hyperplasia.

            Nothing else will do that.

  13. Im taking 20 Mgs of mk 2677 (enhanced athlete) right now and after I run out I want to stack it with lgd I want to know more about this stack. I have also taken lgd separately in the past. I looked for answers but couldn’t seem to find any. I noticed I’m becoming more full. My dreams are completely insane lol and I just been eating 2 meals a day and snack on peanut butter once in a while. I just want to know what will change when I add the lgd to it. Will it help me bulk more ?

  14. Any benefit/advantage or disadvantage to taking RedPCT with mk677? I get that it is not “needed” but was just curious if the combo would do anything.

    1. One increases GH and IGF-1 levels, the other increases testosterone levels. Yes there is a benefit of both of them.

      1. Thanks. Been using RedPCT and have been impressed with how I feel, and just ordered EA’s MK677 so gonna start that soon (after a short off-cycle from the PCT), so was just making sure there would be no negatives with combining the two. Keep up the great info.

  15. Derek,

    Migraines have come out of nowhere using another brand of liquid MK. I have read that it happens only to some (very rare) in the first week only. When this happens, it is recommended to up the water and potassium intake. I hope this is the case. A clean diet with the only change being the addition of MK is how it was determined that the MK was causing the headaches. The dose will be cut in half (12.5) instead of 25, which may help as well. This is the only negative side effect that I could find by researching.


    1. The migraines are almost undoubtedly caused by your blood pressure spiking from the initial surge of water retention.

  16. Hey Derek,
    Just got a bottle of mk677 from EA and have been having some problems after 4 days of taking it.
    I started with 10mgs at night and then after the first day went to 20mgs dosed before bed.

    Sleep has been very restless, I wake up like 4-6 times during the night and feel wrecked in the morning.
    Then throughout the day the lethargy is killer.
    I can feel the pulses which is cool but it’s followed by the worst nausea I’ve ever had, struggling to eat and when I do, I’m struggling to keep the food down. It’s like a permanent hangover, minus the headache.

    Any thoughts of what could be the problem?
    I aim for 8 hours sleep a night and have been drinking plenty water. Just concerned something else might be up.
    Really appreciate your thoughts

  17. Hi
    I have been working out for a long time, never thought of steroids. But now after all this period of hard work, i got no six pack. Does mk 677 help in getting shredded and fat loss?
    If no, what do you recommend for six pack and getting ripped ?
    Your answer is appreciated, really



    1. Read my MK-677 Overview article for an in depth description of what the compound does and doesn’t do. Your question is incredibly general and couldn’t be answered in anything less than a several paragraph response to be honest. I have an article called “Get Shredded For Beginners”. I highly suggest you go read that in its’ entirety. It is in the “Diet” subsection of the blog.

  18. I’ve read that MK677 doesn’t increase estrogen and prolactin levels but some people say that they felt some itching feeling around nipple and it might be begging of gyno and gyno results from increasing of estrogen and prolactin levels. What do you think about that? because I’m in my first week of MK677 and I don’t want to increase these levels and get gyno eventuelly.


    1. My boyfriend is getting itchy nipples on mk-677 and lgd but only because his nipples are now hard most of the time, he use to have soft nipples before all the time. No increase or decrease in size and no water retention by the chest.

      Men are supposed to have hard nipples more often so it’s a good thing.

  19. Derek,
    Whats your diet while on your cycle of Mk-677 for cutting and or building lean muscle?
    I plan on taking 20mg of Mk-677 stacked with 10mg of LGD-4033

    1. Varies all the time. The food I eat is always the same regardless of cutting or bulking aside from meat typically being red meat in the off-season as my calorie demands increase, and my red meat being swapped out for white meat as my calorie deficit increases in a cut and I need to lose more weight. Other than that my choice of carbs and veggies and fats is pretty much the same.

  20. So there’s no need for any intervals? Between last meal and MK677? Because my supplier said I’d need to wait 1.5 hour after my last meal before I pop the pill.

  21. This information is extremely helpful – thanks. I am an over 50 male and have worked out on and off most of my adult life. Have restarted and hit it pretty hard for the last 3 years and based on the hours spent in the gym, buying/prepping clean food, and researching/selecting a number of supplements, I have to say, I am pretty disappointed. While I am in decent shape for “someone my age”, to me it’s not enough based on the level of effort and dedication. I figure my growth hormone and test are about zip and I am looking to purchase the MK 677 to try to get over the hump and lose my belly fat and love handles while building some mass. I am thinking the capsule form may be best for me at a 25 mg/cap dose with a two month run and re-evaluation. Don’t really trust the powder in bulk as on line it is not clear where it is coming from and who is selling it exactly. Just wanted to add my two cents and thank you for your help.

  22. Idk if this was discussed, so many comments. I’m only 24, is this a bad time to take something like this, will it fuck with my testerosteron levels when I’m older or some shit? Would I get increased organ sizes like those bodybuilders get and have my stomach pushed out? maybe dumb q’s but just let me know lol

        1. No I don’t think so. The studies don’t suggest that it hinders your body’s production, nor does the blood work I’ve seen of guys who have come off of it and then returned to their normal baseline.

  23. Hello, what results can i expect from MK-677, with in terms of strength and size?

    Im planning to to 12.5 mg for a couple of months in the beginning, and of course with a good diet and caloriesurplus.

  24. Just started my Mk-677 cycle stacked with LGD-4033 and also Huperzine A (April 10th)
    Im taking 3-10mg pills before bed
    Initially I didn’t experience the ‘increased body temp’ that the bottle stated may occur. Everyone’s body does react differently so I wasn’t concerned that I did not. What I did experience was a great sleep, and waking up at 5am inadvertently to go to my kitchen for food lol. I went back to bed, woke up and did my work out. I did feel a little lethargic however if you fight through it, its not that bad. The lethargy is from the increased HGH in your body to the best of my knowledge. Im going to do my best to avoid bloat by not overeating etc.
    Its April 11 2:00pm and I havnt had any strong urges to eat my entire kitchen yet. Then again it has not even been a complete day so we shall see how it goes throughout the week!

  25. I’m 45 years old and being hitting the gym 4-6 days a week and I feel like I have reach my max. I take a preworkout, protein and post. Will mk help me in anyway or I’m to old lol!!

    1. It will help. You’re 45 though, maximizing your GH levels isn’t the main thing you should be focusing on (although it will help). You should go get blood work done and contemplate getting a script for TRT. Your test levels are absolutely going to hinder your progress at your age.

  26. Stacking mk with sustanon 350 at .8 ml a day. How bad will the water retention be? And do you think it’s a safe stack? And I know the mk doesn’t require pct but what would you suggest for a pct? should I take an AI while on this cycle?

    1. Depends how bad your diet is.

      Depends what you consider safe. It is very low risk yes.

      You should take an AI if your Estrogen levels get elevated enough that you have symptoms of high estrogen yes.

  27. Jonas Bjørnsen

    Hey, i have not seen this answered anywhere else. Is mk677 detectable through a standard drug urine test not specifically testing for SARMS and/or Mk677?

    1. I know Yoel Romero in the UFC tested positive for Ibutamoren (MK-677), so in some leagues it is definitely possible. Not sure about via urine, or the strictness of the testing in whatever league you’re in though, but in the UFC they definitely detected it.

      As far as standard drug urine tests, I HIGHLY doubt they would check for GH, let alone MK-677 or SARMs.

    1. I know Yoel Romero in the UFC tested positive for Ibutamoren (MK-677), so in some leagues it is definitely possible. Not sure about via urine, or the strictness of the testing in whatever league you’re in though, but in the UFC they definitely detected it.

  28. Hey, just started taking 30mg mk 677, insane hunger.
    Was planning on taking this dosage for a month , possibly more if I can get my hands on some more.
    Is a month enough time to see significant results??

    Plan to train in the gym for hypertrophy 5 days a week and 2 days riding/cycling

    1. From HGH + IGF-1, probably not. All you will get from that is the temporary benefits that come on quick like muscle fullness, increased appetite, better pumps, strength, etc.

      Muscle hyperplasia is a slow process and won’t occur in 4 weeks of use.

  29. Appreciate all the great info on your site! Its my first week on mk 677 and I’ve noticed the increased appetite, water retention, as well as some stiffness in my joints (fingers mostly). I’ve also been taking Lgd-4033 and Cardarine for about a month. Is the mk side effects something that usually lasts the entire time or do the side effects subside after a while? Also, is there a time table for positive results to kick in? Appreciate the help and great website!

    1. They will subside to a degree, but some of the side effects will remain in some capacity for the entirety of its’ use. That is simply what comes with the territory (higher than normal HGH/IGF-1 levels).

      There isn’t a concrete amount of time where you just start gaining like mad. HGH/IGF-1 in general are like the icing on the cake, and won’t be the meat and potatoes of your gains anyways, that would be the job of the anabolics you take.

  30. Hey, Love the article man, answered most of my questions. I was just wondering, is Genetix GH+ known as MK-677?


    1. Yes, Genetix GH+ is MK-677. It’s hard to tell from the label because it lists out the really long technical name of the active ingredient, but does not mention the more common nomenclature at all. But I know it’s MK-677 because I was at a bodybuilding supplement store inquiring about LGD-4033 (Ligandrol), and the salesman tried to pass Genetix GH+ off as LGD-4033… salesmen are very funny that way. However, a quick google search showed that the active ingredient was actually MK-677. Anyway, I think Genetix GH+ was rather overpriced at about $140.

      So, I’ve been taking MK-677 (another brand, not Genetix) for about a week, stacked with plant-extract muscle-builders laxogenin and epicatechin. I definitely notice a difference in the amount of weight I’m able to lift for reps, as well as the muscle pump. I also seem to have gained four pounds in the last week!

  31. Is it okay to eat right after taking MK-677? I’ve seen some say it could increase insulin resistance, others say it doesn’t matter.

    1. Go read my RAD140 article and it has a stack in there with both these compounds and outlines everything in detail.

  32. Hi Derek…just started taking a low dose of 10 mg of ostarine this week and was thinking of adding 15 mg of MK-677. Osta dose is low but mainly interested trying to help some long time tendinosis and joint issues, not anabolic effect. I’m 47 years old and my test levels are 650/406 so not bad for a guy my age. Question is MK-677 is supposed to be helpful for tendons and joints but I also see some guys reporting increased joint pain which is completely the opposite . Can you please comment on this? I’m also open to any tweaking of my protocol if you’d like to suggest. Thanks

    1. The water retention associated with GH/IGF-1 can cause some joint pain issues, which is irellevant to its’ actually healing properties. However, for healing injuries, I’m not a huge fan of those compounds anyways, I always found when it came to injuries that BPC-157 and TB500 were superior to all else.

  33. Hi my question is i am going on my 2nd cycle of ostarine and nutrobal which will be 8 weeks. How long can i take both for or one, and if i need to take a break from both or one how long for and can I then take ostarine and nutrobal again?

    1. You can run them as long as you want, there are no rules. Typically gains from Ostarine start stagnating around week 8. However, with MK-677, if you are seeking the Hyperplasia benefits of it, then it would be wise to run it for a longer duration of time (6+ months). Ostarine when you come off I’d wait until your endocrine system fully recovers (at minimum) before you start it again.

  34. I read through all of the questions and your responses and I haven’t seen this one yet. I apologize in advance if you’ve answered this before. Does MK-677 give the prominent HGH physical characteristics such as head, jawline, and hand growth?

    1. No, it doesn’t spike GH/IGF-1 enough to do that. You’d have to be high-dosing pharma-grade GH for long periods of time to have that happen.

  35. After a almost 2 weeks of experimenting with 10mg Mk-677, taken at night. My female 125lb lab rat isn’t feeling the results she expected. It seems to keep her awake, and her appetite has not increased. Her strength is increasing however, as well as stamina. Do you think ADD, could counter act the sleepiness, and do you think 10mg is a high enough dose considering her size?

    1. Yes 100% ADD could counter act the sleepiness. And I wouldn’t use less than 25mg personally but that’s because I want the maximum IGF-1 benefits of the compound.

      Some people get lethargic and tired/better sleep, some people get worse sleep, it is all individually specific. Just because you expect a side effect, it doesn’t mean your body will experience it, as the compound will inevitably affect certain individuals differently than others.

  36. I am a 50 yrld woman that has a very low IGF-1 level but of course the doctors won’t prescribe me HGH! I am very fatty and it’s very hard for me to gain muscle, and I’ve been working out for years and years. My son has researched MK677 and says this should help me. I have started taking MK677 1ml 6 days ago and I feel no different except for a little headache for the last two days. Can someone please give me some advice. Thank you

    1. Have you had blood work to see if there’s an actual difference. Just because you don’t “feel different” it doesn’t mean it isn’t doing what it is supposed to do.

  37. No I haven’t had any blood work done. When I go to the doctors next month I will have them test for my HGH levels

      1. I will have my IGF1 checked as well. I am so depreate to find something to help me gain muscle, get ride of all this fat and help with my soft tissue problems. I am taking 1ml nightly is that the dosage I should be taking?

  38. Hi Derek,
    Read all the above, great information, thanks.
    I am 48 do yoga 7 days a week feel great and am very happy with my body. I am taking 25mg of MK on and off without any noticeable side effects. However my son 16 has expressed some interest. He is 6,1 and since he plays Volleyball he wishes to grow to 6,4.
    Would you know if it safe for me to share my supplement with him. Or maybe give him 10mg. Thank you in advance.

  39. Is huperzine and Vicaine by MAlabs essentially the same thing?? I’m wondering because there is a significant price difference..

  40. Hello.. I am wondering which is the daily dosage of MK 677 cause I keep reading that it is minimum of 20mg a day and on other sites that 10mg is enough as an starter.. I bought a bottle of MK677 GH+ – 60 Capsules /10mg each and wondering if its enough as an starter or if I should buy an extra bottle? Thanks

  41. I just bought some MK 677 GH from A.O labs from thepopskie on eBay and have been told that are completely fake!

    Been trying to search for A.O LABS without any luck or find. could anybody help me out it this product is fake or dangerous?


  42. Hey Derek quick question, what is the ratio of gains someone would get if they only took LGD4033 w/ mk677

    I can only take LGD and not mk677 because of a health issue w/ blood sugar

    My only question to you is what is the ratio of gains if u had to totally guess estimate? if someone gained (x) lbs of muscle would it be like 80%lgd and 20%mk or like 50/50 ? or like 90lgd/10mk?

    I really need to know it means alot thanks so much in advance great work!

    1. There is no set in stone answer to that question. One thing I can say is that a greater ratio of your gains will be attributed to anabolics though, so the ratio will definitely be in favor of the LGD-4033.

  43. Hi Derek. I have been taking the MK 677 for a month and on two occasions have forgotten to take it before bed. Is it ok to take it the morning after and then again before bed on those occasions or should I just forget it and start again with the evening dose?

  44. Derek,
    I had a transplant several years ago and take immuno supressive meds daily to keep from rejecting the donor cells. I noticed above ” scientists believe was a result of the increased immune system response MK-677 can induce”. Have you delt with this issue before or have any advice as to how to proceed?


  45. Hi Derek, I’m currently on GH. Had issues getting my IGF-1 levels up where I’d like them to be. My last test levels were at 255. I’m looking to add MK-677 in addition to my GH to further increase my IGF-1 levels. Do you see any issues in stacking MK-677 with GH?


  46. Quick question or looking for input. Just got MK & LGD 4033. I’m in the oil field & 1st thing in the morning I take 15mg of LGD & I was taking 1 mg of MK pre work out & 2 mg around bed time. But if I’m on days by the time I workout is 7ish P.M & eat post work out meal 8:30-9 P.M & go to bed around 10 or 11ish & that’s when I take 2 mg or MK & wake up 3 A.M for work. Should MK 30mg just be taken in the morning along with LGD 15 mg or do 1 mg MK with 15 mg LGD in the A.M & 20 mg MK before bed?

  47. Hello sir. I just started dosing mk 677 with my mk 2866. Would you recommend the full 25mg dosage for both compounds? Day or night? At the same time? Thanks

    1. Up to you and it makes no difference when you use it in terms of how well it works, but I did state the reason I dose MK-677 pre-bed in this article.

  48. Hello Derek,

    Are you able to stack EFX Kre-Alkalyne with Mk-677? I have been taking Kre-alkalyne daily for last 2 months and wanted to try out Mk-677. Was not sure if you recommend taking both at the same time.

    Thank you.

      1. Appreciate the response. One last question for you Derek — I am 44 years old and was wondering if you recommend stacking mk-677 w/LGD -4033 for a person my age? Thanks again.

        1. I’m going to be publishing a video soon addressing what I think about guys over 40 taking suppressive drugs (like SARMs or Steroids). Have you had pre-cycle blood work done yet? I wouldn’t advise doing anything until you’ve done as you are walking around with a subpar endocrine system purely based on your age (natural test levels start declining after you hit 30), and typically cycling suppressive drugs is a terrible idea if you aren’t on TRT (which you likely should be at your age anyways).

          1. I appreciate it the reply Derek. No I have not done any blood work but plan to to do it pretty soon. I am in pretty good shape and work out 3 times a week.

            Do you still think Mk677 OK for my age since it is not a SARM?

  49. Hey Derek,

    I’ve been taking MK for 7 months straight now and and planning on taking it for a year straight which July will be my last month. After the year is done long of a break do you advise I should take before starting another cycle again? I’m 25. Not sure if that’s relevant.

    1. Depends on what your fasting blood sugar levels look like, and how long it takes for those to normalize (assuming they are running high in the first place).

  50. I’m female, in menopause, about to be 48. Have tried the Semorelin with injections, but for only the last 5 days. I have read a lot of benefits to it but have heard from many that it takes a long time to notice results. I am definitely getting the sleep. But, now, have been introduced to MK-677 so thinking of taking it instead but haven’t heard much from the female prospective and concerned about the “bloat” and or water retention I continue to hear about. I’m confused as to which to take but hear MK-677 provides much quicker results. I am fit but truly need to improve in the areas that have been challenging with age. And more importantly I am looking forward to the benefits I hear it provides to the skin. The pills I just purchased are 25mg and thought I would stop the injections and try this. Thoughts? comments? Suggestions. Thanks

    1. HGH in general causes water retention. If you’re looking into MK-677 for body composition benefits, you should look elsewhere as it is also a potent ghrelin mimetic. Meaning it causes the secretion of the hormone (ghrelin) which will greatly increase your appetite. This makes sticking to a strict diet and calorie deficit (mandatory if you want to lose fat) nearly impossible. I always advise against MK-677 use while cutting. You will end up doing more harm than good using this if your goal is mainly fat loss. One thing to note, even synthetic GH (expensive and 10x more effective than Semorelin) is not an amazing fat burner by any means. You would be far better off learning proper dieting principles (I have several articles and videos on cutting), adding a fat-burner to the mix, and most importantly, going to get bloodwork to address any potential hormonal deficiencies. I’ve met countless women now with hypothyroidism or auto-immune disorders that attack their Thyroid, resulting in sluggish/non-existent metabolisms and them going their whole lives just thinking they are genetically unable to burn fat and are doomed to a poor body composition. Go get your TSH, T4, T3, Reverse T3, and Thyroid peroxidase antibodies checked asap. In addition, get a comprehensive blood work panel checking your other hormones as well. This will give more insight into if a hormonal deficiency will hold you back regardless of what you do/don’t take and how hard you diet. E.G. with hypothyroidism, you could diet yourself and train yourself into the ground and make minimal progress simply becuase you’re essentially operating with a sluggish metabolism. Once you start taking Thyroid meds (if your bloodwork shows you need it), what I outlined in the previous sentence would no longer be an issue.

      TLDR: – Don’t take MK-677 if you want to lose fat, you won’t be able to stick to a diet
      – Get all of your Thyroid values checked asap
      – Read up on how to diet/train/progressively incorporate cardio without burning out your body
      – Reassess your plan of action from there

  51. Derek, first, this page is just a terrific resource, thanks for so patiently answering everyone’s questions. Hoping you’ll see this and answer mine.

    I’m a 56 year old male, and am on a compounded testosterone cream to maintain ‘normal’ T levels and right now that side of things looks good. I’m healthy and reasonably fit. Long story short, a few years ago I had an accident on the tennis court and ripped my knee up. The surgery we did has basically failed and in 3 weeks I’m getting a total knee replacement. It’s the only option at this point. I’m looking to create a stack to help maximize my ability to prepare for the surgery and recover from it.

    A week ago I started taking 25mg of ostarine and 5 mg of ligandrol daily. After 2 weeks was gonna cut the ostarine to 15 mg and run it there. I just received MK677 and am starting that today at 25mg daily. Those are the 3 I’m going to run, and on your recommendation above I also am adding huperzine A to my protocol.

    I’m planning on running all 3 of these products at 8 weeks on/4 weeks off. Was hoping that at the dosages I’m running I won’t need to do a PCT during the off cycle. This is all really new to me and the more I research PCT, the more confused I get, lol. Would LOVE your thoughts on this cycle at these doses. Th.ank you in advance, and for sharing your knowledge on this stuff. Super helpful

    1. You are using an exogenous source of Testosterone to replace your suboptimal endogenous production. PCT is an acronym for post-cycle therapy, which is the phase after a cycle where you take certain compounds to accelerate endocrine recovery and get your natural testosterone levels back up to baseline. You have no natural Testosterone levels because your body is relying on an exogenous source of it (Test cream), so you do not need to PCT, as you do not have any natural function to recover in the first place.

      1. thank you for the reply. That’s not exactly correct. I’m supplementing with exogenous testosterone not because my body doesn’t make any, but because it’s not making enough. Without supplementation, my levels are on the very lowest end of normal.

        To keep my body making testosterone, my doctor also has me on a compounded lozenge that has hcg, dhea and anastrozole.

        Does that impact your response at all?

        And do the amounts in my stack above seem reasonable for the purpose I describe? Thanks.

        1. Suboptimal endogenous production (what I said) means your body is not producing enough, not that it doesn’t produce any. And yes you are replacing your natural Test completely once you start exogenous Test as your endocrine system shuts down entirely once you start using the exogenous source. You aren’t supplementing on top of your natural production, your natural production is completely shut down while you’re on exogenous Testosterone. But yes I see what you are saying regardless.

          And no it doesn’t impact my response. You don’t need a PCT as you are not trying to recover any sort of natural production, you are on TRT for life.

          The stack itself is fine, I don’t see the logic in dropping the Osta from 25 to 15 after two weeks though.

    1. HI Derek, Sorry if I am in the wrong part to ask a question ! I’m 70 Yrs old, If I may a short word on my history, I was a competing Bodybuilder in the 70’s UK. Winning, Mr England, Mr UK. Mr Europe 1970. NABBA. Contests. In 1977. I went into Pro Wrestling, my wrestling name was, JOHNNY MUSCLES ENGLAND. In 1983, I had a serious Injury to my left knee, Complete dislocation, Plus partial paralysis of left foot. Anyway recovered, wrestled till i was 52, I started self administering 200 mg testosterone at age 52. fluke I know but got dose right every 10 days. I now require Knee replacement. ( I still train 3 times per week ) Am still in good shape, pre-op in Jan 2016, Showed Blood was to thick so can’t operate, Heamatolagist could find no disease ! hence veni section 1pint of blood every 2 weeks, could be for 6 months. After 3rd pint I refused ! To carry on.! I felt half dead ! ! ! Stopped test 5 months now, will MK677, AFFECT BLOOD thickness ? HAVE BEEN ON 50mg deca, 5 months every 10 days, plus 10 wks 4mg. ON MK677 per night working great, feel great, no muscle loss. they know my history of steroid use. yeah they look at me like a heroin addict ! ! Hopefully you can help ! ?

      yours John Holt.

      1. Hey John, MK-677 can cause water retention, which can indirectly slightly raise blood pressure. If water retention is kept under control you shouldn’t have much of an issue. Usually it comes on fairly strong at the start, and then once your body acclimates to the compound the water retention starts to subside.

  52. Derek, First thank you for your time, second, I am two weeks in on a 12.5 mg per day cycle and experiencing a spike in blood pressure. Not bad but not optimal either, 6 minute average of 137/77, my question what can I do to minimize the rise in blood pressure? And is this being caused by the water retention? Again thanks in advance.

  53. Hi Derek,

    I’m 19 and 167cm tall. I still notice myself growing in height but very slowly (I will be lucky to hit 5’8) so I am thinking of giving mk-677 a try to help maximize my height before my growth plates close for certain. I know there is a chance they have already closed but there is also a chance they haven’t. I would Use it for about 3 months and see if my height increased at all, if it didn’t just leave it and go back to normal and if I did grow then keep using it until I’m not growing anymore. I honestly don’t really care about the other benefits(I’ll be satisfied with reaching my natural limit as far as muscle goes) and am most likely never going to use another enhancer in my life after I stop using this. My questions are:

    1. Is it safe for me to take mk-677 at 19? will it have any negative effect with my body still growing?
    2. If I only take it for a year and then never take another enhancer in my life again will I retain my gains? Will it mess up my hormones or anything like that?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. 1) Personally, I wouldn’t use anything hormonal while still growing. I can’t guarantee that nothing negative will happen, however I can’t see why something would.
      2) If you grew in height then my guess would be that yes you would retain that height.

      1. Thanks so much for the reply,

        I still have to consider it, one thing that does frightens me is that I’ve heard when people take enhancing drugs for a while and go off them, they suddenly experience a wave of estrogen and in the case of my age would close my growth plates, however you mentioned that mk677 does’t effect estrogen/test levels so is this not a concern?

  54. Hi Derek, I have been taking MK677 for 2 weeks now and have been getting itchy around the armpits and nipple area should I stop right away I am taking nothing with it and I bought it from EA what is happening and what is the cause please reply thank you

    1. I don’t know what your estrogen and prolactin levels are or if what you are experiencing is even a gyno symptom or if you are just being paranoid. If you have nipple sensitivity then I’d get blood work and see whats up, but if you have an itchy armpit I probably wouldn’t think much of it.

  55. Hey Derek, with MK 677 as standalone do you need to insert an AI in this. I have both aromasin and cabergoline. Right now running no AI at all but was wondering usually what is used.or nothing is needed

    1. There would be no need for an AI unless you genetically had high Estrogen levels as is. In which case, you may feed into some prolactin related side effects when you started MK-677 (or GH for that matter).

  56. Hey Derek,

    I’ve been taking Mk677 @ 15mg when I first wake up before breakfast for a week now. I’ve got good pumps in the gym and sleep has been 10 times better don’t wake up to go piss anymore. The only downside is waking up al refresh in the morning but my pillow socked in sweat. Every morning is like that the bed is all wet and same for my pillow.

    My questions is. will the night sweat stops after a while or my dose is to high for now. Those GH pulse make me sweat big time.

    thanks for your time

  57. Yo Derek is it healthy for a 15 year old boy to be taking this chemical, would it cause stop in development in his growth and in other areas?

  58. Hey Derek,
    Great read! So I’ve been taking MK677 at night before bed (25mg liquid) I stack it with LGD04033 (10mg AM), S4 (25mg AM, 25mg PM), MK-2866 (25mg AM), and GW50156 (20mg 30 min Prior to workout) Firstly… Is this overkill? Secondly, I’ve literally gained like 10 pounds in a week! Hunger is crazy and my overall gains have increased substantially.

    My question is. Is this stack ok? is it too much? I’m REALLY wanting to cut and gain some size and strength but loose body fat. I’ve been adjusting my diet accordingly (low carbs, high proteins, mid fats (good fats))

    Current weight 189 (weighed 179 last Monday the 4th.) I’m 5’10” very active in the gym weight lift every other day, HIIT train on the other days. Usually rest Sunday.

    1. Overkill is a subjective term for PED usage. If your health isn’t being negatively influenced in any notable capacity, then I’d say no it isn’t overkill. If your bloods are a mess and your state of health is negatively impacted to a substantial degree by this stack somehow, then yes it would be overkill. That’s for you to figure out.

      You’re not going to cut on MK-677. Your hunger is going to be too out of control and you won’t be able to stick to a calorie restricted diet, which I’m sure you’ve already figured out by now.

      The fact that you just said you want to cut and loose fat, while simultaneously gaining size and strength, shows you aren’t taking the right approach (imo).

      Pick one or the other and do it properly, vs wasting muscle growth potential or not getting as lean as you want in each respective situation by trying to do 2 things at once.

      1. Makes sense. Yeah, my health is fine. After doing some research I thought that MK677 would assist in loosing BF. I think I’m running two separate stacks simultaneously lol. I’m probably going to readjust this moving forward. This stuff definitely works!!! The hunger is nuts, but the gains are great. Thanks for the response. I think its time to go back to the drawing board.

        Side note: MK677 tastes awful lol

  59. Thank you for the greatest FAQ Derek! I have a question for you, regarding taking mk677 for an year. How is it cycle that way, you take it one year and then stop it for how much? MK677 fixed one of my problems, difficult to fall and stay asleep, so i would like to continue taking it for longer periods. It hasn’t affect my hunger, but then i always had plenty of it lol My problem was always the opposite, to stop eating, not to eat more…

    1. I don’t understand your question. If you’re asking how long it should be cycled off, that depends on your fasting blood sugar and other values which may be negatively impacted from long-term MK-677 usage. If all health markers are in check, then justifying a cycle off phase would be an individual choice based on caution, and not necessarily something that is mandatory for health.

  60. Hey there, i’ve been taking supr trope(somatropin) for past two months injections 2iu a day. Is mk-677 actually any better? Hard to believe what you see with online advertisements if they work or not.

  61. Hi
    I have MK 677 and LGD 4033 in raw powder form from IRC.bio
    I have read that you can measure your dose with a digitalized scale and take it in a capsule. Is this the best way to do it with these sarms or do I need o make a solution.

  62. Hello, Derek. I was taking Mk-677 for 5 months and decided to do HGH blood test. It showed that I’m in normal range which means it doesn’t work. I contacted the seller and he said that I have to take it 4 days straight then 4 days off because receptors build tolerance towards mk 677. Is it true? I can’t buy American or European product as I’m from far away, from Kazakhstan.

    1. Getting a serum test with MK-677 is not indicative of anything as it would be impossible to time out your blood being drawn to match your endogenous GH pulsations. Your seller is incorrect though, receptors do not need a 4 day break every 4 days of use.

  63. Greetings All,

    I am trying some mk-677. In the past, it made me out of control hungry. I had to stop taking it.

    I had taken 25mg a day. Would 12.5 be an acceptable dose with less hunger?

    Is there any products I can take to counter the hunger issues?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Synthetic GH is a better alternative for those who can’t adhere to their caloric allotment as it won’t spike ghrelin. Hence why adding MK to a cutting phase makes it nearly impossible.

  64. sam 'willser' williams

    hey derek, I got myself some MK 677 (mainly because of your hairloss blog and because it should help for better quality sleep) and also bought huperzine a. Got the MK from enhanced athlete europe. I guess that is a reputable vendor? (I read somewhere above, that EA doesn’t sell MK anymore?)

    Took it for few days and planning to keep it at 10mg/d for now. Noticed hunger attack after the first dosage of only 10 mg a few hours later. (got better now though)

    I also gained a little amount of water weight, noticeable in my face (imo) Do I need to cut down on salt to prevent that?

    Biggest thing to notice is the improved sleep quality. average of 1h less sleep and much fitter in the morning. I love that.

    My question is: do I need to worry about insulin sensitivity if my diet is good? or any other unwanted side effects? thank you very much.

    1. I’m not sure regarding the quality. EA Europe I have zero experience with. Sodium isn’t the issue necessarily, GH itself will cause water retention, and it generally gets better after a few weeks, but its more diet and body composition related than anything. If I’m in a calorie surplus with lots of carbs GH, MK, peptides, they all add a layer of water to me, but when I’m in a deficit and limiting carb intake, I don’t see any water retention. Yes you should keep an eye on insulin sensitivity, GH, MK and anything that spikes GH will increase fasting BG levels, which should be monitored. If someone is running moderately high blood sugars already due to body composition and diet choices and then they add GH for example, it can push them into high territory and start causing problems.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Appreciate it.

        I already feel like the water retention thing is getting better, after a week of use now. (still 10mg/d) Of course I am in a caloric surplus, that may the reason why I retain more water, high carb diet, but good stuff only (mostly.)

        My bodyfat level is likely between 14 and 16 percent, and my diet is really on point. I have one or two cheat meals once a day in a whole week, rest is pretty clean. Allthough I take like 20-25g of pure dextro right after workout. Whats your opinion on that while on Mk 677?
        Also whats in your opinion the best way to monitor the blood sugar levels?

        1. My opinion on that is your body fat percentage is higher than optimal and that will be reflected in your blood work. Use a blood glucose monitor.

          1. Thanks for your answer.

            I did my bloodwork exactly 3 weeks ago, prior to me getting some MK 677. I did a rather big scan of various blood values, and everything was perfectly fine (liver data, thyroid levels, blood sugar, cholesterol, free test rather high, etc)
            Being around 15% BF is not that high for a natural lifter during a bulk, is it? Nonetheless I took your answer serious and included weekly cardio (four to five sessions a 20 mins stairmaster/incline treadmill) in my training program.

            During this weeks of research I now stumbled over this other supplement, huperzine a. I know you recommend to take it with MK 677, and I’d like to hear your personal opinion on it. Foremost because there is apparently no scientific study done on taking it several times a day (resulting in a much higher dose than the DRA).

            Also you know I take a daily dose of 10mg MK 677. How long should I be running that in your opinion?

            Thank you.

  65. Hey Derek,
    Awesome job with staying consistent with comments, even for ultra redundant questions.
    My question is, I have been training for 15 years, 36 year old male, taken about everything under the sun besides steroids or prohormones. Interested in the recomp benefits, anti aging benefits, possible hair benefits etc..

    My question is, considering I have been completely natural, how drastic and noticeable would a 10mg ED dosage be? I understand its impossible to gauge that, but I’m wondering how noticeable the compound is to those that have never taken unnatural supplementation? I ask because theres a litany of supps I have taken that may prove useful under lab conditions, and I’m not trying to shock myself into something too drastic. I know its a flimsy question, apologies, any insight appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. Depends what you consider “drastic”. Even high doses of pharma grade GH isn’t really dramatic in the absence of exogenous anabolics.

  66. Hi Derek,

    In regards to MK677 increasing the risk of inducing high blood sugar, would intermittent fasting help mitigate this, as fasting reduces blood sugar levels.



    1. MK will still have a systemic elevation around the clock. If you make lifestyle changes to improve your insulin sensitivity, that will help soften the blow of course, or negate it entirely, depending on how drastic you take it.

    2. Hey Derek,

      I’ve read all of the above comments, but there seems to be allot of conflicting information as to the optimal length of time to run MK. I personally dont have any hunger sides from it and am cutting on it for an upcoming contest at the moment. My question is: to optimize the gains from MK how many months should I run it? Just so you know I’m prepping for nationals in early july, and then another show in october and want the anti catabolic effects for both preps. I’m trying to figure out how to plan the cycles for these. I.E. should I have a break period in between, stop the mk now and pick it up a little closer to the july show, or just run all the way through? Thanks!

  67. Hello
    I have been taking MK for a couple of days now. After about the 4th day on the MK, I had a doctors appointment in order to discuss my blood levels and an MRI I had on my abdomen. It turned out that I had slightly high blood pressure, but not alarmingly yet, and also the MRI detected a ‘fatty liver’. I am not overweight at all, so this was a surprise to me, but the doctor said it was likely genetic. She put me on 20mg Lipitor daily. I am wondering if there may be any issues with drug interactions between MK677 and this Lipitor? As your article read, it mentioned the liver secreting HG, so this was what made me curious. Cheers!

  68. Hi Derek.
    You may of already answered this, if so I apologise but how long is mk677 detectable with a drug test either urine or blood??This is after 3 weeks of use.


    1. The half-life is in my original article on it. The detection time, I’m not sure what kind of detection methods WADA is using and what that time frame is. Clearance time you can calculate based on the half-life.

  69. Hi Derek,

    A friend and I began using some MK-677 (recommended provider Chem-Yo) a couple weeks ago. I’m in my mid 40s and a seasoned lifter but ~20 overweight and he is almost 30 and super lean and national meet level strength. We both feel results in terms of pumps while lifting and good workouts. However, we both experienced pretty significant increases in blood pressure – even more than a stack of two regular gears. Is this normal? I’ve done GH numerous times (Saizen and more Serostim) and never experienced BP increases as a result. So we are wondering if this is what is to be expected. None of the academic clinical studies (not associated with vendors) I’ve read mention anything about significant BP increases being a side effect, even in studies where obese men were the subjects.

    Also, do you think this could vary by vendor? This side effect seems out of line with every published profile of the compound.

    Thanks for any insight you might be able to share with respect to this, and my friend and I really enjoy the content on your site.

    1. I have addressed this in the main MK-677 article. It’s water retention, not the compound itself. Water retention is exacerbated by diet, not inherently the secretagogue itself.

  70. Hi mate.

    im new to MK667… i saw something saying it can down regulate your GH stimulating receptors (whichever receptors it hits) so after a while it’ll produce less and less GH boost and you could have less when you stop (until they upregulate again id imagine).

    do you know anything about this?

    in the study Somatostatin mRNA expression was increased in the MK667 group… isn’t this an anti HGH thing?

    the conclusion to the study (done on rats, trying to find is MK667 caused growth) was this….

    “Our results suggest that prolonged administration of MK-677 in rats does not promote growth despite the GH stimulatory effect of MK-677, which may be related to increased expression of SST in the hypothalamus. Further studies are needed to overcome the observed desensitization to GHS.”

    so it mentioned increased SST which is anti HGH and mentioned “desensitization to GHS (Growth hormone secretagogues)”

    I’m pretty scared that ill mess up my GH and end up with either less HGH after… or be less sensitive to it.

    what’s your opinions and sorry for the long post

  71. also im worried about the prolactin affect. i see everyone and all the experts saying “mk667″ doesn’t increase prolactin!!!!!!!!! it just increases GH!!!!!” despite the many stories on Gyno…. they play them down.

    but ghrelin has a stimulatory affect on ACTH and PRL (prolactin). and to my knowledge MK667 is a ghrelin mimetic.

    any comments on this?

    1. Ya it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. I don’t know anybody who’s developed gyno solely from MK though.

  72. Hey Derek,

    I recently just started a cycle of MK-677. Everything’s going great so far. My question has to do with how it effects IGF-1 levels and prp (platelet rich plasma) therapy. I am going to get prp injections as I have had some hair loss over the past year. I am currently on finasteride so I have addressed the root cause of it but now want to regrow some hair. Since MK-677 increases IGF-1 serum levels, I was wondering if you think that this would enhance the prp treatment or negate it. I hypothesize that if mk-677 does in fact increase gh and igf-1 levels then this could enhance the results from prp since there will be increased levels of these compounds in my scalp which we know is associated with hair growth. What are your thoughts on this? I love your blog and hope to hear back. Best, Matt

  73. Does hair and skin complexion go back to how it was before taking MK-677, whenever you stop? Like how Minoxidil would do? Want to try this out but don’t want to be on it all of the time. Going to get GH and IGF-1 levels tested before to see if I am deficient, which I think I may be. Also, will be getting blood sugar tester.

  74. Hey Derek, I’ve read some comments on mk677 causing gyno. I’ve been taking mk677 for 2 days now with nothing else and both days I have experienced tender nipples, does this mean gyno formation or is it nothing to worry about? I’m 21 and I already have gyno in my left nipple from puberty, both nipples are tender but my left nipple with the gyno is the most tender.

  75. Hello Derek,
    thanks for the awesome articles and vids you provide!!!
    Already learned alot from you.
    I hope you find time to answer this.

    Im 29 years old and on a medium to advanced level. I’m currently looking into performance enhancment while preventing hairloss.
    Currently all natural and not in a hurry to change it.

    Therefore I was looking into mk677 as well as ecdysterone/turkesterone since it is not messing with my natural test etc..
    What would you recommend stacking on top of mk677?
    I’m currently looking into anavar, superdrol. Since you recommend these compounds as “hairsafe” in your ebook. Do I need add test base in generell to keep the muscle gains after cycling these. I would actually try avoiding being on gear all the time. How would you go about a PCT on these compounds(if necessary)?
    Thanks for your time!

  76. I’m about to start a short cycle of mk-677 primarily in a last effort of height growth as I just turned 18 and would like to be a bit taller, but also for muscle growth as I hopefully re-enter the gym soon. I was wondering what micronutrients I should ensure I get enough of either through food or alternative supplementation. Thanks.

  77. Anyone worked out any way to reduce or remove anxiety related to MK? I had woken up during the night on the verge of a panic attack. My prolactin levels were already a bit high. Does anyone know if MK could increase prolactin acutely in a manner that would push someone with already high levels over the edge?

  78. Been following for awhile now. I’m giving mk677 a try. Is a low carb diet beneficial? I don’t want to gain useless weight. I only chose this because it won’t suppress testosterone, and have had some tendon issues. I’m 43 by the way. Never used anything this potent.

  79. Once on MK-677, would you be able to simply check blood sugar levels to gauge if you should come off, or would a more comprehensive blood screening be necessary to determine this? Thanks

  80. Thank you for posting this article but I had another question that I did not see. Will Mk-677 show up on a drug test? I’m a teacher and have to proceed with caution.

  81. Hey, I plan on taking MK-677 for extended periods of times. Let’s just say 5-6 months straight. How long shoudl I come off it before going back on?

  82. In your recent video on Connor Murphy you suggest taking in the morning rather than in the evening before bed. In the Q&A you suggest Morning. Is there new information since the Q&A explaining the optimal timing for dosage? I just started taking it specifically to assist with recovery from an injury and it was recommended that I take it before bed. I’m really just looking to optimize the positive effect of the MK-677

  83. In your recent video on Connor Murphy you suggest taking in the morning rather than in the evening before bed. In the Q&A you suggest Evening. Is there new information since the Q&A explaining the optimal timing for dosage? I just started taking it specifically to assist with recovery from an injury and it was recommended that I take it before bed. I’m really just looking to optimize the positive effect of the MK-677

  84. hi Derek

    I’ve see on some Chinese websites you can buy loads of it in powder form is it better to buy it like that or to buy it from a company in cuspules

  85. I am 17 years old, turning 18 this year, would this still be effective for me? What do you think, is it a good idea to take it? Just want to be able to recover faster and gain lean muscle from that recovery and stay at the same caloric surplus while lowering body fat with this compound.

    Also would this cause a growth spurt? 5’6, wanting to get taller to while on this.

    Using it for 3 months, 1 off month and then 3 months again and I’d stop there.

    Doing 12.5 first month, 25 the other 2 months. Last 3 months doing 12.5 maybe a cut if needed in the last 2 months of that.

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