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Reacting To And Analyzing Dennis Newman’s Steroid Cycle In The 90’s

This interview discussing Dennis Newman's steroid cycle was recorded by Tom Platz in the 90's.

There is some speculation as to whether this was Mike Matarazzo or Dennis Newman in the interview.

Some even thought it was Bob Ciccarello.

The consensus is that this is more than likely Dennis Newman, but we don't know for certain as this interview was meant to be anonymous after all.

In the video below, the anonymous bodybuilder who competed in the 90's is interviewed by Tom Platz as part of a short video series called “Backstage Secrets of Pros.”

In this interview, we get some valuable insight into what his performance enhancing practices were in the 90's.

What Prompted Dennis Newman To Use Steroids

Tom Platz: “So, I invite you to speak freely and openly and honestly.

And really, I know you're not used to doing that, probably, but the nature of this video is just that addressing the issues and in terms of honesty.

But (INAUDIBLE) important to do that mainly because we can make a difference to the viewer.

I mean, for the first time, I think they can hear the issues presented in terms of reality, rather than avoiding the issue pretending it doesn't exist, or lying to the, you know, the up-and-coming athletes who are vying for position in various sport form. Okay?

So, I guess my first question to you would be, what made you decide — what situation in your life made you decide that you were going to use steroids?”

Dennis Newman: “Well, when I was 16 years old, I did my first bodybuilding show.

I've been training since I was like, 14.

I was doing like, upper body and kind of skipping out on legs and stuff like that.

And so, I realized that, you know, in – well, this gym was putting on a contest and Fort (INAUDIBLE) it was like some military contest or whatever.

My dad was in the military so we're in it as a teenager, 16.

And it was just me and another kid and so I won.

So, that was kind of like, the top, you know, I won and the people were telling me, “Hey, you know, you look good. You keep doing them. As you get older, you'll get better.”

So, I started training hard.

I didn't know nothing about steroids.

I heard about it and stuff, but you know, I didn't really …

you know, from a small town where I was from, it was just — I'm hearing too often about what was going on and not anything about any knowledge about any other drug.

But when I competed again the year later, that's 17 (INAUDIBLE) a Mr. California teenage show, and it was (INAUDIBLE) contest.

And the kid that won it, he was 19 and I was 17.

And this kid looked so incredible.

I mean, he could have — I think he did win the men's open class, too.”

Tom Platz: “Wow.”

Dennis Newman: “And he just looked – I was just like was shocked that a 19-year-old could look like that.

That's when I knew in my head, I would rather — you know, I wanted to take the risk.

You know, it wasn't going to be – I didn't think it was that big of a risk.

So, I just figured I need to do something to get that big by the time I'm 19.”

How Old Was Dennis Newman When He Started His First Steroid Cycle

Tom Platz: “Okay, so you were 19 when you initiated this program?”

Dennis Newman: “Right. Yeah.”

Tom Platz: “Okay.”

[03:13] That's a lot not a lot younger than most and I think it's actually pretty standard.

A lot of these guys nowadays are starting at 17, 18 years old.

I'm not saying it's responsible to start at 19 at all.

To be honest, that's super early, still.

But it's interesting to see the progression of these guys and how it compares to kids' mentality nowadays.

Dennis Newman: “That time the people that I – you know, I didn't know (INAUDIBLE) ask for and stuff.

You go into a gym and somebody says, “Hey, you want this?”

And I've had that approached to me when I was younger and I said no.

But when it happened again, the guy — he gave me some — I think it was some Testosterone Cypionate and I think some Deca.

And he told me — he gave me one Sustanon shot (INAUDIBLE) this is a booster.

You take this and two weeks later, it's going to just totally change you.

So, here I am, taking this stuff and I find out later it's all sesame oil because the guy was running fake stuff.

And then, that's — so I figured my first cycle was fake.

And I think that just wanting to — wanting it to work, I trained harder (INAUDIBLE) and it worked.

I mean, I did get bigger, but I think maybe one of the drugs is good.”

Tom Platz: “Which is?”

Testosterone Cypionate Use

Dennis Newman: “Which probably was the Test.”

Tom Platz: Okay. Test. What …”

Dennis Newman: “(INAUDIBLE) I think it was Cypionate.”

Tom Platz: “Okay.”

Dennis Newman: “Because I did get a little puffy, and I gained like 20 pounds.

You know, and it wasn't really hard muscles.

It's just, you know, bloated puffiness and stuff like that, because I didn't know how to eat right.

I didn't know how to, you know, diet, and how much protein I should have taken — took in and other stuff.

I didn't do that much reading up on it, I kind of just went by what everybody was, you know, saying.”

[5:03] That sounds pretty much like the stereotypical thing that most people did.

My story wasn't a whole lot different than that.

I did a bit more research than this guy it sounds like, but it's funny, history seems to repeats itself in the younger generation.

Tom Platz: “Okay, I guess at this point, you mentioned the Cypionate being something you responded well, very favorably to — Testosterone Cypionate.

What other drugs would – do you have in your, I guess, your mind at this point (INAUDIBLE) relay to us that you found …”

Winstrol Use

Dennis Newman: “Winstrol was one of the favorites, I loved it.

I mean, I found out, you know, after a few contests that I took — I had a friend of mine tell me that that's all he took, and he looked incredible.

And actually, he was a professional.

And you know, these guys aren't going to tell you what they take and stuff (INAUDIBLE) they kind of hide it and stuff.

So, I've imagined for a couple of years that Winstrol was all he took.

You know, he once told me that, you know, you take that and that's it.

So, I was just taking that maybe, you know, cycling it with some Deca and, you know, couple — maybe I tried Anadrol like 19 tabs of it.

And I started getting headaches and stuff, so I dropped that.

I was really scared of the steroids and stuff.”

Dennis Newman's Steroid Cycle Dosages

Tom Platz: “I guess when you started putting together your first constructive cycle, what — the drugs were Cypionate or no?

Dennis Newman: “Yeah.”

Tom Platz: “Cypionate. How much — how much Cypionate in terms of dosage per day?”

Dennis Newman: “I did 200 mg twice a week.”

Tom Platz: “Okay.”

Dennis Newman: “And then I did Winstrol 1 cc every other day.”

Tom Platz: “Okay.”

Dennis Newman: “And then, I did that for a couple shows until I was 21, 22.

And then, that's when I moved to Southern California.

And that's when I really got the knowledge of what to take and what these guys were doing to look like, you know, what they did.

I think my offseason cycle was like 200 mg or 250 mg twice a week of Sustanon.

200 mg twice a week of — I think it was Enanthate.

And then, it would be like five or six Anavar twice a day every day.

I do that up until like 6 to 8 weeks out from a show.

And then I …”

[7:35] I don't even know if I understood correctly.

He said two shots of Sustanon but then he would also take Enanthate, as in Test Enanthate.

He's taking around a gram of Test, and then five Anavar twice a day, did he say?

Pharma grade Anavar back then came in 2.5 mg pills apparently, so that would be 25 to 30 mg of Anavar per day.

Dennis Newman: “To switch it Winstrol.

And then Winstrol, Primobolan, and Parabolan.

I take two shots of Parabolan, which are 76 mg.

I take that a week with one every three days of Primobolan.

And I take Winstrol 1 cc a day.”

Tom Platz: “A day. Okay.”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah.”

[8:21] He's using 152 mg of Trenbolone.Negma Parabolan boxes and ampule

The Parabolan ester, it's not Enanthate or Acetate.

It's Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

These were the Negma pharmaceutical-grade Parabolan Amps.

As far as the Winstrol, I'm assuming he must have been using 50 mg a day if he administered 1 cc per day.

Primobolan, I don't know, it sounds like 200 mg per week, depending on the concentration.

Dennis Newman: “And then as I got on with the shows, then, I kind of learned about diuretics, stuff like that.”

When To Stop Using Steroids Prior To A Competition

Tom Platz: “Okay. We'll go into that – in a moment, we'll go into that, but did you stop your drug intake prior to the show ever, or is that a consideration?”

Dennis Newman: “Oh, yeah, I did.

I stopped everything. I turned …”

[9:16] It's kind of interesting because some of the stuff doesn't necessarily have rhyme and reason to it.

The traditional theory that you need a Testosterone base isn't necessarily because your body needs Testosterone to support androgen dependent tissues.

It's more so to aromatize into a sufficient amount of estradiol, which is what supports the libido in the presence of adjunct androgens.

It seems like almost every cycle this guy either uses dosages that would result in excessive aromatization, or combinations that would result in no Estrogen aromatization at all.

Dennis Newman: “I take everything out like the last week.

The last week, I get off of everything.”

Tom Platz: “Okay. Did you cycle the – (INAUDIBLE) did you go up and down, or just …”

Dennis Newman: “I maybe — I might have done that once or twice, but normally, I would just stick to a certain dosage and that's all.

I'd run it all the way through for like 12 weeks.”

Tom Platz: “Up until the last week before the show?”

Dennis Newman: “Right.”

Dennis Newman's Contest Prep Cycle Vs Offseason

Tom Platz: “Okay, I see.

Okay, so offseason, let's say, you — how long did you prepare for a show usually?”

Dennis Newman: “Usually, 16 weeks.”

Tom Platz: “Okay, so if you're preparing 16 weeks or four months, that's the (INAUDIBLE) as you recall it, yes?”

Dennis Newman: “Right. Right before a show.”

Tom Platz: “Okay. And then in the offseason?”

Dennis Newman: “Actually, I take more stuff before a show than I would in the offseason.

Offseason, I'd just stick to basic drugs like, you know, Test and maybe –

oh, you know what, I was taking Halotestin right before the show, too.

But I usually stick with Test and Winstrol.

And I like the Winstrol.

It's just did something …”

Winstrol Use

[11:00] That's a really weird offseason combination, Testosterone and Winstrol, but I guess it worked for this guy, so there's no argument there.

I have no experience with injectable Winstrol, but apparently it's a night and day difference compared to oral.

I can't imagine pinning water-based Winstrol on such a consistent basis.

The easiest way to get an infection in my opinion is with stuff like that, water-based Winstrol and fast-acting suspensions.

It seems like those are the culprits 90% of the time that give guys issues and send them to the ER with an infection.

Dennis Newman: “It was veterinarian kind.”

Tom Platz: “Right, Winstrol V?”

Dennis Newman: “Yes, Winstrol V.”

Tom Platz: “So, there may be some years then where you would be on some form of steroid all-year long?”

Dennis Newman: “I think it would be mostly Winstrol all-year-round, but the other ones I would —

Any form of test or any androgen, I would get on for eight weeks, and then I get off for like at least eight weeks.

But I'd still Winstrol all-year-round.”

Tom Platz: “I see. I see.”

[12:17] This guy would stay on Winstrol year-round, meaning, he would be walking around with zero estrogen in his body and just functioning off of a DHT derivative all year, which seems kind of nuts to me.

Especially on Winstrol, where it does not only antagonizes estrogen via its mechanism as a DHT derivative, but you have no aromatization occurring because your HPTA is completely shut down.

You have zero E2 and would probably have creaky ass dry joints with no libido and have ED issues.

At least that's what I would assume would happen.

It's kind of interesting that he would be willing to just walk around like that all the time.

Winstrol Dosage

Tom Platz: “Okay. Dosages went up to — what you (INAUDIBLE) just went over some dosages, do you have a number as far as …”

Dennis Newman: “A cc of Winstrol, 16 weeks out from a contest, every day, and then, in the offseason, just a 1 cc every other day.”

Tom Platz: “Was there a weekly or daily milligram dosage that you — a formula you had or not really?”

Dennis Newman: “No, not really.

I just went by how many I had and how (INAUDIBLE) long I'll make them last.”

Tom Platz: “Okay.”

Dennis Newman: “I think basic.”

Tom Platz: “I understand.”

Dennis Newman: “I've heard a lot of guys out there that really knew exactly what they were doing every day.

I did that once and it was just too confusing.

It feels like you're a pin cushion.”

Growth Hormone Use

Tom Platz: “Yeah, I imagine.

Okay, well, besides the steroids, of course, you know, a lot of discussion in the magazines and in the industry is about growth hormone.

Is that something you ever utilized, and if so, do you find that effective?”

Dennis Newman: “I've used it — I used it twice.

First time, I had a friend give it to me with no money.

He just said, “Here, I want you to do good.”

He gave me $3,000 worth of stuff.”

Tom Platz: “So, how many cc's did you take a day of that?”

Dennis Newman: “Actually, I took 4 IU's a day, 4 IU's a day.

Tom Platz: “Prior to the show?”

Dennis Newman: “And I was – prior to the show.

And I did a show before without it and then I did a show with it.

And I gained like 9 lbs.

It was harder and more cut, and bigger than I was three months before when I didn't have it.

I felt really good, but that was the only time.

That was the only time I ever felt like that.

And the other times, I did it and it just didn't do the same.

I think it was fake or something.

Although, I think the first time I did it was (INAUDIBLE) a 92 amino acid.

And I guess the 91 is the most popular they use nowadays.

So, supposedly, that wasn't supposed to be a one that works good but it worked great for me.”

[15:52] You should know the difference between 91 and 92 if you're going to use GH, by the way.

Interesting, as 4IU's is nothing insane for pro bodybuilder standards.

Tom Platz: “That's very interesting.

It seems like everything we've been talking to a few different athletes all day and everyone has a similar feeling about certain things, but some diversified situations.

I imagine being (INAUDIBLE) chemistry, a different body, everyone responds differently to a degree to a — given different system — given two different systems of intake.”

Dennis Newman's Take On Insulin

Tom Platz:Okay. Well, does insulin for you go along with GH, was that a consideration?”

Dennis Newman: “I've never tried insulin.”

Tom Platz: “Okay.”

Dennis Newman: “I've maybe taken a couple units or whatever, but it never did what everybody was doing.

It never did that for me, and I didn't want to go higher.

Just kind of really scared that so many people say that you turned diabetic from them.

And I just didn't want to take that risk.

Tom Platz: “So, primarily …”

[16:52] You can't turn diabetic from using insulin necessarily.

It's the GH abuse that would lead to you becoming a Type II diabetic.

It's interesting that this is supposed to be the insulin era, and so far, not much insulin use that I'm seeing in these interviews.

I highly doubt these guys are all lying.

I guess they could be, but the way they're talking about their use, it sounds pretty genuine for the most part.

It's probably a misconception about how much the guys in the 90's really used Insulin, but I'm sure there were guys who were using absurd amounts in the 90's.

Some of these guys with Olympia caliber genetics seem like they just hyper respond to anything they take, even at what would be considered low dosages.

Tom Platz: “And then, the steroids with the GH.”

Dennis Newman: “Right. Then, I heard of IGF-1 and stuff, but I never — I never tried that either.”

Diuretic Use

Tom Platz: “Okay. Well, next, I'd like to sort of segue into (INAUDIBLE) diuretics.

I mean, is there any usage you followed or any …”

Dennis Newman: “I take — right before the show, I take – I was taking Aldactone seven days out.

I think one in the morning, one in the afternoon, up until the show.

And then, I take — I think a Dyazide or …”

[18:13] That's the protocol, that's the same thing that everyone's doing.

That's hilarious, everyone's doing the same thing.

Dennis Newman: “On Friday afternoon (INAUDIBLE) Friday night before I go to bed, and then, however, I looked in the morning, I would determine if I need another one or not.

But I use other methods like, you know, the Epsom salt baths and stuff like that.”

Tom Platz: “Oh, really? Interesting.”

Dennis Newman: “Just to soak up the water.

One time I did it too long and I started puking, throwing up and I couldn't stop, so I ended up taking one of those meal replacement drinks really fast (INAUDIBLE) digest in my body and then it just stopped.

That was perfect. I felt like it was (INAUDIBLE)”

Tom Platz: “Yes, I can imagine.

Any problems with diuretics ever?”

Dennis Newman: “No, because I've always been kind of shy on that.

But I've never – you know, I've seen guys dropped at the backstage and stuff, and I just didn't —

I thought that would be more embarrassing.

You know, I just — I just never got that far into it.”

Dennis Newman's Scariest Steroid Experience

Tom Platz: “How about as far as any, you know, scary or frightening episodes with any of the drugs at all? I mean …”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, I had with Winstrol.

I had two staph infections that I had to drain …”

[19:30] There you go.

Tom Platz: “From injecting the same area?

Dennis Newman: “From injecting — yup, same area.”

[19:37] Injecting the same area is a bad idea, in general, but it seems like injectable Winstrol is the number one infection causer out of everything.

Dennis Newman: “I'm, you know, running out of needles.

You know, not be able to find any more, so you use the same one over.

And then I use alcohol to clean it up.

It just doesn't do it.

[19:57] Well, no wonder.

Dennis Newman: “You know, just sometimes you just try and you can't get nothing, nobody has anything, so …”

[20:05] That's brutal.

Dennis Newman: “So, I had the two operations on that.”

[20:09] Can't even get clean needles?

Nowadays, you can go to a needle exchange and get whatever you want for free.

They accommodate drug users now, but back then, sterilizing your own needles to use them again?

That's just insane.

Time's have certainly changed.

Dennis Newman: “And then, that was pretty much it.

All the other things — I've heard other guys, you know, puking up blood and stuff, and getting bloody noses from Anadrol and stuff like that, but that's never happened to me.”

[20:37] Bloody nose from Anadrol would be high blood pressure related more than likely.

If you have high blood pressure from using Dianabol, Anadrol, or any other steroid, go check your blood pressure because it's probably high.

It's probably not something you should even be taking in the first place if it causes you to have bloody noses.

Dennis Newman: “Abuse the drugs. I think using them and abusing them is different than –I mean, probably before a show is probably the only time I abuse if I (INAUDIBLE) more than I really need just because I want to win so bad.”

Non-Steroidal and Non-Over-The-Counter Drugs

Tom Platz: “Are there any non-steroidal or non-over-the-counter drugs that you find effective, like Andro or GH enhancers, or …”

Dennis Newman: “Actually, I've never even really taken minerals and vitamins and stuff like that until like the first — or the last five, six years.

Before (INAUDIBLE) I figured if they're over-the-counter, they didn't work.

That's pretty much that.

And then, I think like, you know, amino acids and stuff like that, I'll just throw in, you know, just chug them, just makes me feel good to know that maybe I'm getting more extra protein and stuff, but I never really got technical with it.”

Is Drug Use In Sports Accurate In The Magazines?

Tom Platz: “You know, in the magazines — how accurate do you think the magazines are whenever they report about the extent of drug use in the sport and bodybuilding?

Do you think they're accurate or …”

Dennis Newman: “I — well, yeah, I guess so.

I mean, it depends on what kind of article they're writing.

If you're trying to scare somebody, yeah, there are people out there that do some crazy stuff.

I mean, I know a guy that he was taking so much stuff, he started doing squats, he was bleeding out of his ears.

And he still wanted to complete the set.

And he was like — he was taking like 6 cc's of Sustanon, like 10 Anadrol in the morning, 10 at night.

I mean, the guy was loading up on so much stuff.

And you know what, he wasn't even a bodybuilder.

He was just a skinny little kid that just wanted to get big and huge.

And his friend told him to take this and you'll grow.

And he just thought more was better, and he just started going off.”

[22:53] This reminds me of the guys at the regional level that blast their faces off and do 5-6 grams of steroids when they just don't have the genetic response to get anywhere in the sport.

They just keep blasting the dosages higher and higher, thinking that the secret is just more.

It's evidently not the case.

Dennis Newman: “When I heard about that, I just couldn't believe it.

You know, it's just ridiculous.”

Dennis Newman's Take On SERMs and Aromatase Inhibitors

Tom Platz: “How about like things like blocking agents?

Have you ever considered those or used those?”

Dennis Newman: “You mean like Nolvadex?”

Tom Platz: “Nolvadex.”

Dennis Newman: “What's the other one?”

Tom Platz: “Clomid.”

Dennis Newman: “Clomid? No.”

Tom Platz: “HCG? Things that …”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, I've heard using HCG while you're on cycle helps (INAUDIBLE) for your body's own natural testosterone to kick in, but …

In this sport, you're just — you're just struggling to get what you need, you know, and who has it?

And if you can afford it, and stuff like that.

So, I mean, I think little things like that seem to bypass most of the time.

But when it gets — when you get ready for a show, it's one of those little things that you might need to have.”

[24:06] I think this just goes to show how well-connected you needed to be in the 90's to get what you needed.

I was talking about how his cycles don't seem to have rhyme or reason, but it seems it's more so because of accessibility issues, where this guy just takes what he can get, and then he just takes it as his inventory allows, or whatever he can get his hands on, he just takes.

It's interesting because most bodybuilders take for granted the accessibility they all have to UGL's now, but back in the 90's it sounds like you had to scramble to find whatever you could for a contest prep.

Dennis Newman: “… just to get that edge, so we like Nolvadex or what's that other one?”

Tom Platz: “Clomid? Nolvadex?”

Dennis Newman: “It's like Nolvadex.”

Tom Platz: “HCG, you know …”

[24:55] Talking about AI's?

Dennis Newman: “It's a blocker.”

[24:56] Arimidex, Aromasin?

Tom Platz: “Proviron?”

Dennis Newman: “Proviron, that's what I …”

[25:00] Proviron? That's a steroid.

Granted, it could work as a makeshift “blocker” via its inherent androgenicity I suppose.

What is essentially just pure oral DHT does have an antagonistic effect on Estrogen.

Dennis Newman: “It seemed to work good. Get the water off.”

Tom Platz: “With the — when you're taking steroids?”

Dennis Newman: “Right. Just prior to a contest, six to eight weeks …”

Tom Platz: “In terms of — what do you …”

Dennis Newman's Gynecomastia Problem

Dennis Newman: “I used to have a problem with gyno, so I got it cut out.

Tom Platz: “I see. Okay.”

Dennis Newman: “So, I had to — I mean, that was really always shut off —

That's what kept me away from a lot of testosterone and androgenics (INAUDIBLE) theory was basically …”

[25:30] This guy is obviously Gynecomastia (gyno) prone.

I would assume he probably has a genetic predisposition.

Perhaps a polymorphism where his sex hormone metabolism is such that he has a higher level of aromatization than the average guy, so he can't get away with very much Testosterone.

That's probably why he abused DHT derivatives as opposed to high dosages of Testosterone.

I would assume the standard go-to for most of these guys is a base of Testosterone, but obviously if he's gyno prone, it makes more sense why he steers clear of Androstane.

Even if you're gyno prone, you still need at least a therapeutic amount of Estradiol in there though to support basic physiological functions.

Dennis Newman: “(INAUDIBLE) on a stack or cycle.

I was always on, say, two anabolics and one androgen.

And that's always worked for me, and I've heard other guys doing two androgens and, you know, one anabolic.

And, you know, I just never liked that puffy, zitty kind of fat look.

It just never really did anything for me.

And there was a couple of times I got to that point and, you know, I'd lose feeling in my hands and my (INAUDIBLE) and my arms, my legs would fall asleep, you know, always being in some uncomfortable position.

It was because of the water retention and I was so uncomfortable.

So, I basically stayed off of the androgens a lot, and just stuck with the anabolics.

They kept me hard, they kept the body fat down.

I always, you know, felt good, get great pumps in the gym.

I wasn't like it was (INAUDIBLE) my circulation in my arms or other body parts.

So, I stuck with the anabolics.”

The Limited Knowledge In The 90's

Tom Platz: “The Proviron you mentioned, the main effect of that which was useful to your program was the fact that it blocked the estrogen?”

Dennis Newman: “From what they say, yeah.

I mean, I — you really don't know what the drug is actually doing because it (INAUDIBLE) to, you know, aromatize or whatever in your body, but …”

[27:45] It doesn't aromatize, it acts as an antagonist to circulating estrogen to some extent.

It has a very high level of androgenicity as it is essentially just oral DHT.

It's prescribed as a treatment for men with androgen deficiency.

Most notably being low libido.

In the absence of physiological amounts of estrogen in the first place though, it doesn't really serve a purpose in that regard.

If you have zero Estrogen, you can slam yourself with as much Proviron as you want and your dick will still be a noodle.

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, they said — I was told that it blocks off the estrogen from, you know, making in your body, and it also had some anabolic effects.”

[28:21] Again, this just goes to show how the limited scope of knowledge back then didn't limit the growth potential of these guys significantly.

They explode without even knowing what they're really taking.

They're just taking what they have access to randomly like this guy.

I'm not knocking this guy whatsoever.

If I was in the 90's, I'm sure I wouldn't even know one-tenth of what I know now, because the information simply wasn't accessible.

It's interesting to see how everyone thought these guys' had the “secrets” and they must use 10 times more than everybody else.

I think it was just a hyper response to drugs, training, and crazy genetics in general to be honest.

Dennis Newman: “So, that was helping from catabolic effects from eating the muscles, stuff like that.

So, I took that (INAUDIBLE) 1 IU's of that rather than Nolvadex which was just a blocker.

I want both worlds, you know?”

Dennis Newman's Take On Roid Rage

Tom Platz: “I understand. Your opinion of the roid rage syndrome, is that something that really does occur?”

Dennis Newman: “You know what, I — my opinion is, I think a lot of guys are weak when it comes in the mind.

And I think they use that as an excuse — yes, maybe in my — I mean, I've controlled it pretty good.

And I've never — I don't think I consider myself having roid rages even when I'm on stuff, because I know how it should feel what I'm feeling and like I think maybe when you're unaware of what your on (INAUDIBLE) steroid and stuff, maybe you would tend to get angry and overdo it.

But maybe in the younger crowd, but if you know what you're doing and you know what you're taking, I think you can control it.

But I think a lot of people out there they want — they want to be, you know, strong or, you know, I don't know, maybe it's a macho thing or something.

I just (INAUDIBLE) this rage and connect with me.

You know, when they — I mean, especially, when a woman uses it against you and that — I mean, you're pissed and it isn't so much the drugs, it's just — it's just an argument.

And then they start pointing the finger (INAUDIBLE) to your roid — you're on the roids, man.

Those roids are making you this way.

You're just like — but it's not — but, yeah, it's a lose-lose situation when that comes around.

Tom Platz: “Obviously, I think you probably feel that steroids are necessary and GH is necessary to some degree to compete in today's stage?”

Dennis Newman: “Exactly, yeah.

But when they're taken out of hand, then that's when the roid rages and all the other side effects probably happen.”

Esiclene Use

Tom Platz: “How about things like the Esiclene where they inject into the muscle for temporary …”

Dennis Newman: “Inflammatories?”

Tom Platz: “Yeah, inflammatory type drugs?”

Dennis Newman: “I've tried that, actually.

In fact, it just — I don't know if I'm not putting it in right or what, but these guys, I've heard they inject themselves everywhere about, you know, weak points that they have in their body and stuff.

But I don't know, I think it's just a cheating way of doing it.

I feel like if you can't do it, you know, natural — not naturally, but if you can't do it that way, and try to form your body by building it, you know, it's just cheating, you know?

It doesn't look right anyways, because it takes away the cuts anyway, you know what I mean?

You can usually tell who's pumping their stuff up, you know, so …

I don't like (INAUDIBLE) because I like the, you know, the good look, you know?”

Tom Platz: “I understand?

I guess that would probably be the same thing as doing implants to some degree that looks like …”

Dennis Newman: “It's not real.

And it doesn't look good when it's flexed.

Maybe for some people, it does, but I'm not going to go that far in competing.

Steroids are bad enough.”

The Bodybuilding Chemical Warfare

Tom Platz: “In your opinion, do you feel that the bodybuilding stage that we're pushing genetics to the ultimate edge?”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, I think it's gone a little too far.

I think if you compare the 80's, or the, you know, 70's and 80's bodybuilders compared to the 90's, there — I think in the judging is basically pushing people (INAUDIBLE) you know, out the door, man.

They're croaking because of a certain look that they want to look like, you know?

I mean, they need to take it down some.”

Tom Platz: “So what you're saying is the judges are judging the drug look?”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, exactly.”

[32:47] It's funny because this message is literally what's making men's physique and classic physique popular in modern day, but this is over 20 years ago, and they were already talking about this, and it still sustained itself for another 20 years before the tide started turning.

Even now, they still favor the mass monster open bodybuilding category.

And still, the biggest draw of the show is the open bodybuilding class.

They were already talking about how the size game was overkill back in '96, or whenever this was.

Foreshadowing for the future.

Tom Platz: “So, get my drug look to do well, right?

Dennis Newman: “Right. Right.”

Tom Platz: “I'm just — I'm not — I don't mean to paraphrase you, but it's …”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, it's the drug look, basically.

I mean, you can tell who's doing more and who's not.”

Dennis Newman On Steroid Use In Sports

Dennis Newman: “And in all sports, too. It's not just bodybuilding.

I mean, the Olympics, they got ways of disguising these drugs.

And they're the best at it anyway, so they got to hire people to do this.

So, we're the rug rats compared to this.”

Tom Platz: “Yeah, I know what you're saying.

Okay, well, is there any other comments you care to share with our viewers along the lines of — I mean, you said quite a bit already.

Is there anything else that you care to add?”

Dennis Newman: “You know, these steroids are, you know, they're just like any other drug.

I mean, you can get addicted to it.

Most of the bodybuilders that you see that are on them, are pretty much addicted to them because they just don't want to stop looking the way they do.

And if you're going to take steroids, I think, man, you need to be mentally prepared for, you know, the consequences that they come with.

And, you know, if you abuse your body, and you take more stuff than you should, you know, if you're doing something right or wrong.

Trying it and loading it up is two different things.

You just got to be careful because nobody is going to tell you what to do, but you definitely need to be smart about it.”

Dennis Newman's Formula For Success

Tom Platz: “I guess the question I have for you at this point would be, what is your formula for success?

And how do you — what would you — can you put that in a few statements?”

Dennis Newman: “I think, look in the mirror, find somebody in the magazine that you resemble or what you would like to look like.

And, you know, go to the gym, start out — start working out and start noticing, you know, gains in your body, and just get around (INAUDIBLE) see if, you know, but just know how to supplement your bodybuilding with your lifestyle, so you don't let it overpower your whole life and make people miserable in your — you know, who's in love with you and stuff like that, because that tends to happen a lot.

As far as, like, you know, being so dedicated, that you can't do anything in your life.

But you know, putting (INAUDIBLE) hour and a half, you need to be intensive in the gym, and that's it.

And then, outside of that, it's just eating, and dedicate yourself to, you know, eating good foods and a lot of protein.

And it's pretty — you can have fun with it, and don't be miserable by doing it.”

Are Pros With More Money More Likely To Win Competitions?

Tom Platz: “One question I have for you is, do you feel that, you know, whoever has the most money and afford the most GH, and related to drugs is the winner, or could be the winner?

Dennis Newman: “Of course, because just like any kind of — like car race or jet ski race, anybody that has the more technology and the more money to spend on that engine, basically, if you can afford more horsepower, so you're going to win the race.

And that's got a lot to do with bodybuilding in any other sport.

It's who has the resources, most resources and who can afford the resources.

It's really — and it takes genetics, but the people that do have the genetics, those are the people that can afford that stuff.

And they just keep getting nice — like the rich keep getting richer and the poor get — keep getting poorer.”

Tom Platz: “That's an interesting point.

So, like building a race engine almost.

If you're winning at the track and …”

Dennis Newman: “We can't put in regular gas.

You got to put in super unleaded.

If you can afford super unleaded and if you — you know, and you got a connection on that, then you're going to be a better athlete.

But that's where the strategies — that's why you don't hear anybody talking about what they do with the drugs and what they do with the diet and all that kind of stuff.

They kind of — they do tell you — they lead you around in another direction.

And nobody really wants to tell you, which is insecure with themselves and they really don't care.”

Tom Platz: “Yeah. But then again, you know, I mean, that's again the purpose of this video production, is to address it like it — in terms of what's really happening, and say things like we are not able to say in other forms.”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah. Well, people don't want to hear it.

Yeah, I think it's BS because a lot of (INAUDIBLE) when they do tell you (INAUDIBLE) you guess a lot.

Tom Platz: “Right, exactly.”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, it's not the truth.”

Protein, Carbohydrate, And Fat Macronutrient Ratios

Tom Platz: “In terms of nutritional ratio — nutritional ratios, protein related to carbohydrates and fats, do you have any ideas or strong feelings about those ratios?”

Dennis Newman: “Usually, when I'm trying to stay lean in the offseason, let's say I'm off of everything (INAUDIBLE) and trying to clean myself out, I'll stick more to lighter foods like chicken, fish, you know, any kind of shellfish and stuff like that, and potatoes and rice.

And then, when I'm on like, my cycling for, you know, getting bigger for the contest and stuff, I'll stick to more red meats.

Still, with the rice, maybe up my fats a little more.

And then (INAUDIBLE) kicking the aerobics is when I just start kicking in all the protein.

I'll just take in mostly protein.

I kind of — like in the morning, I'll have a little bit (INAUDIBLE) my carbs and stuff, I'll have like a lot of eggs, egg whites and egg yolks with it, whole eggs, and then maybe some — like a small bowl of oatmeal and some fruit.

And then, the next meal I'll have just a protein shake, and then maybe a couple scoops of peanut butter or, you know, for lunch, maybe a steak and — a really fat steak or something like that, and maybe a potato and some vegetables.

And then after that, I'll just keep eating more protein, protein shakes, and like more chicken and rice maybe even before I work out, then after that, just protein and vegetables.”

Caloric Intake And Counting Calories

Tom Platz: “In terms of calories per day?

If there is some offseason (INAUDIBLE)

Dennis Newman: “I've taken about — in the offseason, I really don't care.

I don't care. Frankly, I just eat the protein and then whatever fats in there is just in there.

You know, if I need to cut back or get leaner, if I feel a little fat, I just cut out the carbs.

I won't eat the carbs, I'll just have like maybe a couple of chicken breasts and some salad or something.

And if I (INAUDIBLE) get fat from that then I'll just maybe switch it to a steak or something if I feel like, you know, I'm getting too lean or, you know, if I feel like my muscles aren't full enough.

So, I'll try and get some of that Creatine out of the steak and pump up a little bit.

It makes me feel a little harder and bigger.

Each food just does different stuff to me and whatever mood I'm in or whatever how I feel, my body feels.

I kind of just judge it by that and I eat whatever I think I need.

Because after all these years, you kind of figure out what should, you know, you run on.”

Tom Platz: “Do you count calories before a show?”

Dennis Newman: “No, I never count calories.

I never write down anything.

I feel like if, you know, your body is different, I mean, you don't burn the same amount of calories every day, why should you eat the same amount?”

Tom Platz: “So, you don't really — grams of protein, carbohydrates, or fat, you don't have those grams recorded and …”

Dennis Newman: “No, pretty much…

Especially, when you know, I run on GH, it's pretty much, you know …

Only probably the last week, the last week prior to the show, I mean.

I'm more self-conscious of the amount of chicken breast and the amount of carbs and the amount of fat.

I'll take a, you know, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and stuff and have the same amount that (INAUDIBLE)

And then if I need to adjust anything, I just adjust, you know, either pose a little harder that day, or sweat a little bit more, or burn a little more calories, and I just keep everything else the same.

How Effective Growth Hormone Is For Fat Loss

Tom Platz: “You mentioned the GH, though, when you're on GH, you feel that you can almost eat anything you want?”

Dennis Newman: “Oh, yeah. 16 weeks out from a show, I did that one show.

Yeah, I was eating cake, ice cream after my meals and stuff.

And it was weird because if I didn't eat that, I felt like I was doing like away.

And so, it's like — you know, I heard other people doing this, too.

I mean, and I was just getting harder and looking better and better.

And it was — it was amazing, I was tripping.

[41:48] I feel like that's a gross exaggeration of how effective 4 IU's of GH is at fat burning.

GH induced Lipolysis works, but it's not the end-all, be-all.

Other fat burners are far more effective, in my opinion.

GH is really hyped up as this crazy, insane, body transforming drug, but in actual practical application, it doesn't really add a significant amount of tissue.

It helps you stay leaner as you bulk up, which is helpful obviously, but as far as ripping fat off your body, that comes down to caloric intake mostly.

Other fat burners are more efficacious for actually dipping into stored body fat and pulling it out like Clenbuterol, Cytomel (T3), etc.,

Not that any of these drugs are healthy, but I feel like those are more effective fat burning agents than GH.

I'm kind of surprised when guys say they can eat whatever they want on GH.

I think they're just not hungry enough to eat at an amount that they would gain weight on.

It's pretty easy to get fat on GH if you really tried to be honest.

Well, if your appetite doesn't suck.

Tom Platz: “That's amazing.”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah. So, I mean, that's where you get addicted to the drugs because you do see how they really work, especially (INAUDIBLE) right before a show.

You see the difference what it does to you.

And that's what pretty much convinces you that saying no doesn't mean no haha.”

Tom Platz: “What do we mean saying no doesn't mean no?”

Dennis Newman: “Yeah, not saying — not saying no to drugs hahahaha.”

Tom Platz: “Hahaha I understand. Okay.

Well, thank you. Thank you very much for helping us out today.

Conclusion On Dennis Newman's Steroid Cycle

[43:37] That was a bit more unique than I expected.

Dennis, being super gyno prone and only favoring DHT derivatives, even in the offseason, which is super contrary to what you'd expect for a growth phase.

Evidently, if you have insane genetics, you can pretty much get away with anything.

I think this is a good example of that.

This gives us an interesting insight into what the UGL scene was like back then too, where it was so hard to get what you need.

Highly acclaimed pro bodybuilders even had great difficulty getting their hands on certain compounds.

They don't even seem to have predetermined stacks and cycles either.

It was “use whatever you can get.”

That seems pretty much what it was with the accessibility in the 90's.

Dennis Newman's Steroid Cycle

After listening to the entire interview, at the peak of Dennis Newman's steroid cycle dosages pre-contest, he claims his use broke down to the following:

  • Testosterone Cypionate – 200 mg twice a week = 400 mg/week
  • Sustanon – 250 mg twice a week = 500 mg/week
  • Testosterone Enanthate – 200 mg twice a week = 400 mg/week
  • Anavar – 25-30 mg a day
  • Parabolan – Two 76 mg Parabolan amps per week = 152 mg/week
  • Primobolan – 1 shot every 3 days = 200 mg/week
  • Winstrol – 50 mg a day = 350 mg/week
  • Halotestin – Used pre-contest, the dosage was not disclosed. My educated guess is that he probably used between 20-40 mg per day for the last 2-3 weeks of his contest prep.
  • Growth Hormone – Tried it twice with a dosage as high as 4 IU per day
  • Insulin – Tried a couple IU as an experiment but didn't want to increase the dosage higher than that

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