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My Phenibut Review – What You Can Expect And What It Feels Like

With over 7 years of experience, I can confidently say that Phenibut is bar none the greatest pro-social supplement ever created.

Most Phenibut reviews online are written by affiliate marketers who just want you to use their link to buy Phenibut, but have ZERO real world experience with it in anxiety spiking social situations.

If you aren't one of the few men who actually has a sh*t ton of real world experience and a set of balls to go out there and experiment with Phenibut in high pressure situations like first dates, cold approach, job interviews and business presentations, your Phenibut review is useless in my opinion.

To be clear, Phenibut is not something you should use to get high or feel happy, this is a tool you should strategically reserve for social situations that make you anxious.

My experience ranges from micro-dosing Phenibut all the way to falling asleep in a club with a girl on my arm with over 5 grams of Phenibut in my system (p.s. once you induce Phenibut zombie sleep you're not going to recover and be able to finish the job with any girl that night, you're going to be borderline KO'd for hours).

Simply put, I highly f*cking doubt that anyone writing a review has more experience with this compound than I do, and I want to illuminate for you EXACTLY what you can expect from it, how to use it effectively, how to assess your tolerance, how to cycle it, what it feels like, side effects, dosages, and everything in between.

Without further adieu, let's begin.

My Phenibut Review

For some individuals, Phenibut can literally completely destroy your social inhibitions just like alcohol would, all without the sloppy loss of motor skills and other negative side effects that come from a night of drinking.

It's a pretty remarkable supplement to say the least, and it has been a huge part of my life (especially my dating life) for the past 7 years.

For those that are just here to order the highest quality Phenibut source that I personally recommend, check out my go to vendor by clicking HERE.

Phenibut Science.bio Bottle

This is my go to company for all my Phenibut needs.

It isn't as difficult to source high quality Phenibut as it is Kratom, but there are still a lot of hit or miss companies out there, and with Science.bio your mind is put at ease knowing you are getting a pure product with no fillers every single time.

Phenibut Third Party Test Results - Science.bio

Phenibut Benefits

– Kills social anxiety as well as general anxiety

– Increases social freedom and the desire to socialize

– Decreases stress

– Can drastically improve your mood

– Produces slight to moderate euphoria

– Increases sense of well-being

– Increases levels of relaxation

– Increases levels of focus and motivation

– Enhances cognitive function

– Music sounds amazing on Phenibut

– Very deep levels of sleep (Phenibut can act as a very potent sleep aid at a high enough dose)

– No loss of motor function like with alcohol

– Improved sexual performance and increased libido (women especially)

I have been personally using Phenibut for years now (since 2012) and it has been a HUGE help in allowing me to bust through social plateaus, build an amazing dating/sex life, kill it in job interviews and nerve wracking business presentations, among countless other benefits.

Young man climbs down rocks with attractive young woman

Being able to curb my anxiety in high pressure situations like job interviews, hitting on gorgeous 10/10 women at the drop of a hat no matter where I was (even if they were complete strangers), and just feeling amazing in general helped me achieve my goals in a much more timely manner, and ultimately helped me build the amazing social circles and sex life that I knew I wanted.

I'm not saying I attribute all of those things to Phenibut, but it certainly helped me get to that point quicker and easier.

Don't Be That Guy Who Has To Chug A Half Litre of Vodka Just To Have The Balls To Hit On Beautiful Women

There is a reason that when 99% of guys want to get laid, they go to one place and one place only.

The bar or club.

Why is this such a common phenomena?

It’s because it is the only environment where it is socially acceptable to get completely inebriated drunk, and getting absolutely devastated out of their minds is the only way the majority of men are capable of mustering up the balls to go up to gorgeous women attempting to get laid.

Phenibut For Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a prevalent issue, and seems to affect a greater proportion of men at an alarming growth rate year after year.

Unfortunately, it seems to plague men the most due to societal conformity and their tendency to find comfort in not putting themselves in uncomfortable situations.

While I’m all for using all the crutches you can at your disposal to make your social life more eventful, I personally can’t stand alcohol because of how absurdly sloppy it makes men when they are under the influence.

What’s the point of having your social inhibitions lowered if you are stumbling around, can barely form a coherent sentence, are drooling while you’re talking, and can’t even get it up (get an erection).

The reason Phenibut excels in a social setting so much is that it is one of the few compounds that can replicate the same loosening up effect of alcohol without the loss of motor skills or sloppy disorientation.

What Does Phenibut Feel Like?

A sense of calm, cool collectedness will overcome you, and situations which would typically have your nerves flying through the roof will suddenly seem like not a big deal.

The effects of Phenibut are subtle, but powerful.

You will not feel high, so don't expect that.

It is almost like a background effect, and other than having a generally better mood, you may not notice the benefits it truly is capable of providing until you put yourself in a situation that would spike your anxiety or stress levels.

I notice its’ benefits most myself when I’m going to job interviews, hitting on women, and doing high pressure business presentations.

Man giving business presentation

In these situations my anxiety and stress would typically be higher than average, and on Phenibut it is SO INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS how curbed these emotions are when I’m immersed in a high-pressure situation.

Something that would otherwise seem like a colossal challenge can be a walk in the park on Phenibut.

How To Use Phenibut

Phenibut is generally taken via ingesting pure Phenibut powder.

You can measure it using a scale or a measuring spoon.

I literally just throw it into my mouth, chase it with some water, and then swallow it.

It can also be mixed into a drink or encapsulated if you can't handle the taste.

If you mix it in a drink, choose a calorie free drink like diet pop, black coffee, tea, etc.

Many users highly recommend mixing Phenibut with caffeine or another stimulant. 80 – 160 mg of caffeine is the preferred amount.

This caffeine needs to come from a calorie free source though or else you will inhibit the effects of the Phenibut instead of make them more potent which is the goal.

A couple of my go to zero calorie stimulant sources are caffeine pills, diet energy drinks, and black coffee.

This is the dosing protocol I followed when I started Phenibut in 2012, and is the same protocol I recommend for all newbies:

Take 1000 mg of Phenibut on a totally empty stomach in the morning upon waking (1500 mg if you weigh more than 210 pounds). Women should start with 500-1000 mg.

Take 80-160 mg of caffeine from a zero calorie source immediately after taking your Phenibut.

After 45-60 minutes you can eat something if you want.

After 90-120 minutes of dosing it evaluate how you feel.

Phenibut can take long to start working in some cases, sometimes 4-5 hours.

However it usually will produce noticeable effects in about 2 hours or sooner.

If you feel nothing after 2 hours, take another 500 – 1000 mg dose.

5 hours after your initial dose, re-evaluate how you feel again (and based on your plans for the rest of the day, night) consider taking 500-1000 mg more.

Exceeding 4000 mg in a day will find you creeping closer to Phenibut induced zombie sleep, and once you exceed that dose and start venturing into 5000-6000 mg territory you will more than likely become an incapacitated sleeping rock for the remainder of the day.

Phenibut can be used as an acute potent sleep aid (infrequently) at higher doses, hence why dosing Phenibut anywhere past 4000 mg per day will start to put you less into a pro-social mindset, and more into a tired and want to crash with the deepest sleep you’ve ever had mindset.

Do not take Phenibut more than 2 days per week, as your body will start growing a tolerance towards it.

How Does Phenibut Work?

Phenibut is a GABA analogue which can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and bind to the GABA receptors in the brain, unlike GABA itself which cannot.

Once it has passed through the blood-brain barrier, Phenibut works by binding to the “GABA-B” receptors in the brain, in turn producing a variety of it’s own specific benefits (as outlined at the beginning of this article).

You will notice if you look into other compounds that bind to the GABA receptors that they all produce similar effects to one another.

This is what makes Phenibut provide benefits so similar (and arguably better) to many drugs that are prescribed for anxiety.

Phenibut is so effective at reducing anxiety that many users report that they actually like it MORE than prescription drugs designed for anxiety!

Using Caffeine With Phenibut

Stimulants like caffeine tend to greatly potentiate the effects of Phenibut.

Phenibut can also cause sleepiness at moderate doses.

Because of this, it is recommended that you take some caffeine alongside your Phenibut dose (unless you are using it as a sleep aid obviously).

The amount of caffeine you ingest with it should be equivalent to 1-1.5 cups of coffee (100-150mg).

Make sure the caffeine source you have doesn’t contain any calories though or else then you are no longer taking Phenibut on an empty stomach.

Phenibut Side Effects

I believe that Phenibut is a fairly low-risk compound if a safe dosing protocol is followed and it isn't used too often.

If you use it several days per week, you may start to develop a dependency on it, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms upon the cessation of its use.

These are extremely unpleasant, and is why I urge you to only use Phenibut a couple times a week ideally.

Do not operate drive or operate machinery after taking Phenibut, as your motor skills may be slightly impaired.

As mentioned earlier, in higher dosages (and low-moderate dosages for high-sensitivity individuals) Phenibut is a very potent sleep aid, so keep that in mind.

There can be mild hangover-like symptoms (similar to an alcohol hangover but far less intense) in some very high-sensitivity individuals as well.

Another very notable side effect is how much the effects of Alcohol are potentiated while Phenibut is in your system.

Alcohol Will Hit You Much Harder If You Are On Phenibut

Alcohol and Phenibut both affect the same GABA receptors in your brain, and as a result, they compound each other’s effects substantially when taken together.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that drinking 4 beers will feel like you just drank 6-8 beers while on Phenibut.

While some may feel this is advantageous, absolutely under no circumstances drive or operate any kind of vehicle with both Phenibut and alcohol in your system.

This past summer I was downtown with a new girl I was seeing who had asked to try some of my Phenibut for a night out.

She didn’t take my warning about alcohol with Phenibut too seriously, and by the end of the night this girl was literally a drunk disaster.

Just hammered out of her mind, off of maybe 4 shots of tequila.

The compounding effect of Phenibut and alcohol concurrently can be a shock to some, but it needs to be taken seriously and extreme caution must be taken if you intend to combine them.

Personally, I avoid alcohol for social anxiety purposes entirely, regardless if I'm using Phenibut or not, because it is just a subpar drug and the benefits don't make up for the massive drawbacks it has.

What Kind Of Social Situations Is Phenibut Ideal For?

Anytime you want a boost in social freedom, mood, stress relief, etc. Phenibut is perfect.

I find it excels most in situations like stressful job interviews, dates, and business presentations, but it can literally be used at any time to greatly enhance your social freedom.

To Sum Up This Phenibut Review

Phenibut has multiple uses, and it definitely is a powerful supplement and can have a hugely positive impact on your life if you respect the compound and dose it responsibly.

Stick to the recommended dosing guidelines, and you will experience only the positives that Phenibut has to offer and have a fantastic new tool at your disposal.

Where To Buy Phenibut Online

I've used about 10 different Phenibut companies to date, and thankfully this isn't a product that is highly faked so they all worked to a degree.

However, many Phenibut vendors tend to chalk their stuff with fillers, or the active compound simply doesn't meet a satisfactory level of purity to begin with.

I'm not sure if this is on purpose to cut corners cost wise, or if they are literally oblivious to their product being weaker than the gold standard of Phenibut, but regardless of the reason, the best experience I have had is with the Phenibut from Science.bio.

It is pure, has no fillers at all, and most importantly it works consistently batch to batch since the day they opened up shop 6 years ago.

To me, consistency is more important than anything else.

Any company can put out a quality product, gain a customer base, and then drop the quality and make a bunch of money.

This stuff is so cheap anyways, that I feel no need to risk the quality of my product anymore just to save a couple bucks.

I prefer to have peace of mind knowing I will be getting what I paid for when I make a purchase.

You Can Buy 99% Pure Phenibut HERE

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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39 thoughts on “My Phenibut Review – What You Can Expect And What It Feels Like”

  1. So is Chris / Happy Hipp no longer associated with Red Supplements? I tried their Red Monkey and liked it a lot but really felt that all the effects were caused by the Phenibut itself and not the L-Theanine, NAC, and 5-HTP so I’m happy to see he’s just selling pure Phenibut.

    1. I’m not sure if they’ve officially parted ways yet but ya you’re right the majority of the social freedom created by Red Monkey is due to the Phenibut. The other ingredients are more for cognitive enhancement imo.

  2. I’ve just found your blog recently and very impressed with the quality of your articles so far. Mostly because I see you do proper research and zero broscience so keep it going mate.

    Regarding Phenibut, do you also take Kratom on the same day when you take it? If yes, do you lower your dosage?

    To clarify how your protocol looks like: You know you have a date or interview tomorrow so you start dosing it from the morning and then keep it in your system for the whole day by topping up every 5 hours or so? Do you usually have Pheni with you even if you don’t have anything planned but in case something comes up, which case what degree of psychological addiction it causes? (your personality looks similar to mine so your experience would sort of match me i think)

    Do you have experience taking it with Modafinil, ALCAR and Piracetam?

    1. I don’t take Kratom as much as I take Phenibut. I don’t take either every single week nowadays like I used to. If I combine them though I use the same dose I normally would do.

      Yes that’s typically how I do it. Usually dosing it once or twice will keep me going for the whole day though.

      I have kept Phenibut caps in my car before so when I was out and about if I needed to top up I could, but if you had a sufficient first dose I don’t find that it just sharply drops off, it usually lasts for quite a while.

      I’ve used it with Piracetam, not with ALCAR. Didn’t notice much of a difference (if any).

  3. Hi Derek

    Just to make sure i understand, I just received Red Monkey you take that only 2 times a week ? but the effect is working all the time or only on the 2 days? i want to be super human 7 days a week 🙂

  4. Hey Derek, as someone who has suffered from anxiety almost my whole life, I have found phenibut to be one of the only effective supplements to help relieve it. This is a very well done review and as a frequent user I can attest to all of the benefits

  5. I’ve been taking phenibut everyday for a year now. 1500 dosage in the morning as I weigh 210 lbs. I know this was a big no-no, but this is where I am. How do you suggest tapering off so I have minimal withdrawals and what should I expect? Not looking forward to this ??

  6. Did you do trial and error to get to the “sweet spot” with Phenibut? I’ve used it (from HappyHippo) for 3 years after seeing goodlooking loser’s Feb 8, 2014 video. Your “how to” is about the same. My experience is that it’s only good at 500 mg per day. Anything over just makes me feel sick.

    1. Yes. I started with the lowest dose and increased it each time I did it until I found a dose that works well for me.

  7. Derek

    If you take phenibut 2x/wk does it only effect you on those days or does it help for a couple days?

    Great blog/youtube channel

  8. Great site here Derek. We appreciate what you’re putting out.

    I personally can’t use Phenibut. I tried your recommended dosing multiple times but the withdrawals are killer for me. Next day I have lingering high, then it dissipates and ominous depression cloud comes on. Obviously not everyone gets this. Must be something with me

    1. Thanks David. Ya my dad had a similar experience. He mostly gets that hungover feeling that’s typical of taking too much though. You could be hypersensitive and would be better off with a much lower dose, but it’s also possible of course that your body just doesn’t respond well to it.

  9. Amazing article Derek! lerned a lot from what you say, I follow you from Italy, every day I check you out to see if a new content is published and I smash button out lol

  10. Hey Derek,
    Great article, will try Phenibut thanks to your recommendation!

    Q: Do you have any experience with F-Phenibut (Fluorophenibut)? If so, how does it compare to Phenibut?

    It’s apparently a several-fold more potent derivative of Phenibut while potentially having a slowlier developing tolerance.


  11. Hey man,

    Any advice for us in countries where its banned? (In Australia its a class 9 substance putting it in the same category as heroin or meth)

    Perhaps an alternative to get similar results? Kratom also banned unfortunately. Love the content.

  12. Is there any long term brain problems with using this?
    Could it cause Alzheimers, Pattinson, Motor Nereon D. Rtc?

    Scary to mess with the brain…

  13. Michael P Grooms

    Hey Derek I know this is an old article so sorry to necro it but I just recently tried phenibut for the first time. The first night I only took 500mg and I felt nothing at all. Two days later (Today) I decided to try it again but first thing this morning because I had the day off and if I had an adverse reactions to it I wouldn’t have to worry about any obligations. I took 1000mg this time but I also took 600mg caffeine and 4 grams of Kratom. I usually take about 6-8 grams of Kratom in the morning but only took 4 since I was also taking the phenibut. I waited about 2 hours before I ate breakfast and honestly, I don’t feel anything at all. Granted I’m not in any kind of high stress or anxiety type of situation, I’m just chilling at my pc and oddly enough watching some of your videos. However, I still don’t feel anything at all from the phenibut, just a slight relaxation feeling that I normally get from Kratom. I am 260 pounds am I just not taking enough of the phenibut?

  14. Is taking phenibut before going to the club a good idea? (not intending to combine with alcohol)

  15. Currently discussing the body weight topic you mentioned with someone – they are adamant that body weight doesn’t impact proper dosage. Any change you can share a source for this that I might reference?

  16. My two cents on Phenibut – Please read if you are tempted or interested in incorporating this compound into your life. I have a LOT of experience with it (more than I want), and have used it for everything from anxiety, to sleep, to combinations with other substances. Yes, it is effective as Derick mentioned, and I respect his opinion. But the thing I would emphasize for people reading this, above and beyond anything, is withdrawal is VERY real with anything above occasional usage.

    The withdrawal is very dangerous because it can lead you back into reusing/abusing/relying on it to stop feeling the terrible symptoms.. thus the addiction ride begins. Tapering becomes absolutely necessary and even then, expect to feel it.

    The withdrawal is usually filled with EXTREME anxiety, paranoia, and unfounded fears that will appear out of nowhere throughout your day. It also can last several weeks depending on your usage/abuse. The reason I say abuse, is because it is very easy to cross over into the ‘abuse’ category without knowing it. You use it here and there for simple things: anxiety for work, sleep sometimes at night, feeling relaxed, letting go of fears etc.. It doesn’t take much to think it is your ally, when in reality it is your enemy digging trenches behind your lines.

    While all the positive attributes of Phenibut sound appealing on the surface, there are far better substances out there that deliver better results with little to none of the rebound effects you will get from Phenibut (because it is a POTENT GABA B antagonist). Messing with your brain this way, is only asking for trouble. I promise you. It is literally painful!

    I never dealt with anxiety in my life, until I ran out of Phenibut. The first week was filled with terrifying anxiety, fear, and sleeplessness that is impossible to put into words. The second week gets better, but your sleep is messed up (now you are sleep deprived as well), and regular stressful situations are hard to handle. Things that you would typically deal with well, feel like life altering events.. the pit of your stomach feeling that things are going terribly wrong… all the time. Sound fun? And yes, for me there was a third week. All the while you know that all you have to do is get some more to feel better. Which only resets your clock, enforces the addiction, and conditions your brain to rely on it for feeling better.

    In small, moderate, and very controlled circumstances would I say Phenibut is useful, but given the myriad of options out there, try those first.. I remember reading reports before I took my journey with Phenibut that said, “Just because it’s legal…” Don’t be fooled that it is something to be messed around with. Seriously. Wisdom is learning from others, without having to walk the path yourself to learn it is bad.

    1. Mind telling us some of the myriad of “far better substances out there that deliver better results with little to none of the rebound effects you will get from Phenibut”?


      1. Good question – each person reacts differently to each substance of course, so your miles will vary with each including Phenibut’s benefits/withdrawal symptoms. It also depends on what your end-game is in reference to your current goals or issues. Is it anxiety? Depression? General malaise? Motivation? Or you just want to feel gooooood?

        Remember it wasn’t long ago similar things that were touted for Phenibut, were advertised for GHB. And even further back, opiates and cocaine were part of tinctures to help ‘invigorate’ you or ‘cure’ you of various things. We are just much more aware of their downsides now that make them not worth using (for most). There simply isn’t a substance out there that alters you enough to erase anxiety, depression, and lifts you up without some kind of equal or worse downside. I have looked high and low and the place I am at now in life doesn’t include any of those substances. I rely on working out, fun life-experiences, good diet, certain mild substances (some listed below) for my day-to-day wellbeing. If I want to ‘add’ to my day/experience, my preference would be cannabis. Sounds lame, right? But here I am saying it… 20 years ago, I probably would have plugged some chemical/substance I was trying at the moment, but that truly is (for me) the way to go.

        For general anxiety or feel-good type sensation:

        – Kratom can be useful for many people. I didn’t feel it was very powerful, though. It just depends on strain, your own chemistry etc.. You build a tolerance to it over time, but I didn’t feel that there was a bad withdrawal when I decided to stop using it. People mention addiction potential as well, but I didn’t experience that.. however you may be one of them.
        – A lot of research has shown Kava Kava to be powerful for anxiety. I find the tincture (from a reputable brand) effective and also works for me.
        – Cannabis since it is legal in most places now. However, this is a tricky one because it can cause anxiety for some and finding the right strain for your issues is equally important and also has it’s own set of downsides; but hardly the withdrawal you would feel from Phenibut or other GABA or dopamine etc.. agonists.
        – Believe it or not, Magnesium can be effective for many people, but definitely not in the same league as Phenibut. Going for max results with as little sides is really the goal.
        – Small amounts of alcohol for some. For me, alcoholism is an issue so I stay away completely. Which may also have played into my Phenibut withdrawal or abuse potential. Probably something about how alcoholics are wired vs. a person that doesn’t struggle with the disease, is my hunch
        – Combo of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, D3, 5-htp, NAC, Lemon Balm, L-Theanine (high quality sources) have been effective for me (add in Kava Kava). Low quality sources seem worthless in my experience. People will tout GABA as well in lists like this, but it doesn’t easily cross the blood brain barrier and hasn’t worked for me in the past.
        – Green/White tea. Believe it or not, has the perfect combination of L-Theanine and caffeine that potentiate each other and makes me feel pretty good throughout my day. I drink a lot of white tea and love it.
        – Exercise.. seriously one of the best anti-depressants/anxiety out there and will help keep you away from trying to press the “easy” button for things like anxiety and general feelings of depression or well being. Most don’t want to hear this, but it is tried and true. Exercise induced endorphins are real, being attractive, hitting goals, good dating/married/sex life etc.. is not something you can take a pill for.
        – Severe depression/anxiety: You may want to simply talk to a dr. I know that goes against the self-prescribed route which gets me into substances like Phenibut, but there again, you can get more effective substances that don’t build tolerance so quickly (even though they may have similar withdrawal symptoms). I’m not a fan of this route, but at least this way you are getting lab-quality substances (for cheaper if not free depending on your insurance situation). And if you know what to say, you can ‘help’ them arrive at the decision you want them to make. If you can’t make these types of arguments, then it is probably best you don’t self-prescribe serious conditions.

        I put Phenibut in a bad light, but like Derek eluded to, in the right context or application, it works well. So does GHB. But the abuse potential is through the roof, tolerance sky rockets quickly, and the downsides are no walk in the park… just not worth it to me (emphasis). However, it may be worth it to you. IMHO It’s too easy to look up glowing reports and subscribe based on the positives. Erowid has always been a source of information for me and the substances I’ve tried, but I would pay particular attention to the negative posts. I’ve learned this over a couple decades of experimentation. It is too easy to find a substance and write a ‘glowing experience’ because well.. it’s a great chemical/substance! You rarely hear about how things turned out long term which is the big debate behind a lot of this, and is very real (SARMS is a good example). I like them, am a fan of the science, but the jury is out for long term affects. Your body though.. treat it well. You only get one.

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