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Derek MorePlatesMoreDates with Chris Cormier In Competition and in an interview with Tom Platz

Reacting To And Analyzing Chris Cormier's Steroid Cycle In The 90's

This interview discussing Chris Cormier's steroid cycle was recorded by Tom Platz in the 90's. The guys that can best shed light on exactly what happened …

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Dorian Yates body then and now pictures

When Bodybuilders Retire… | Before And After Pictures

Videos are posted to YouTube all the time highlighting the shocking regression bodybuilders physiques undergo after they retire from competing. Rather than focus on the …

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weighing scale with a pack of Great Range Brand Ground Bison

Should You Weigh Your Meat Cooked Or Uncooked? | HUGE Macros Mistake

Weigh your meat raw, and then weigh that same amount cooked so you know exactly how much it is being dehydrated during the cooking process. …

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