Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates.com and Chris Deoudes from GoodLookingLoser.com talking during a podcast

Podcast #3 – Chris Deoudes (Good Looking Loser)

0:00 – 2:16 Chris (Good Looking Loser) Introduces His Dog Charlie For The First Time

  • Chris' dog Charlie has three puppies, which Charlie is afraid of and runs from them.
  • Charlie is the first dog Chris has ever had.

2:30 – 3:30 Will GLL Start Posting Again?

  • Chris has other businesses that consumes his days right now
  • GLL will be back but not in the form that you'd remember, and it'll be based on his new experiences.

3:30 – 4:16 Why The OG PUA’s On YouTube Don’t Post In Fields Anymore

  • Every one has phases.
  • Once a guy has thoroughly accomplished his “pick up” phase, he will almost always move onto the financial phase of his life.

5:25 – 8:32 What Is Chris’ Current TRT Protocol?

  • Chris elaborates on how Derek is his resource for male hormone protocols, and Derek recalls back to when Chris was that resource for him.
  • Chris started TRT when he was 24 years old. His concern was if he did want to have kids one day, could he still do that.
  • Chris says he will be getting back on TRT, but for now he's just on HCG.

8:50 – 10:14 Will Chris Ever Post In Fields Again?

  • Chris says he's 36 years old, but if he were to do in fields again, it would be a different kind and it'd be more entertaining.
  • Chris talks about even being in an open relationship while filming for GLL.

10:14 – 14:43 What’s Chris’ Current Hair Loss Prevention Regimen?

  • Since Chris isn't on steroids, he says he only uses Nizoral shampoo 2-3 times a week.
  • Chris has a Capillus Laser Cap which he believes makes existing hair healthier and thicker
  • Chris is no longer on Finasteride
  • Chris talks about his hair transplants.
  • Chris lists his recommended doctors for hair transplants:
    • Dr. Sanusi Umar (Redondo Beach, CA)
    • Dr. Steven Gabel (Hillsboro, Portland, OR)
    • Dr. Glenn Charles (Boca Raton, FL)
  • Chris got a BHT Body hair transplant. Getting 300-500 hairs from his chin and transplanted them to his head.

14:43 – 17:04 Chris Talks About What Happened To Scotty

  • Chris invited Scotty to his wedding but Scotty couldn't make it.
  • Scotty made pick up cool and convinced Chris to start Good Looking Loser.

17:04 – 21:31 Derek & Chris On Passive Income From Blogging & Gorilla Mind

  • Chris started earning passive income from Bathmate, a male enhancement tool that actually works.
  • Derek & Chris talk about Gorilla Mind.

21:31 – 24:14 Derek & Chris On Drug Abuse In Bodybuilding

  • Derek says your sensitivity to certain drugs increases as you get older.
  • Chris outlines his physique stats in his 20's:
    • 225 lbs
    • 12-14% body fat
    • On steroids half of the year
    • On elevated thyroid hormones
    • Intermittently on GH
    • Taking diuretics before going out at night
  • Chris talks about his college training partner who abused steroids and T3 and had to go to the bathroom at least 10 times every workout.

24:16 – 25:34 Chris On Meeting Dan Bilzerian In University Before Dan Became Famous | Good Looking Loser

  • Dan Bilzerian and Chris Went to the University of Florida. Dan was one of Chris' first friends.
  • Chris talks about transferring to a big school and his struggles fitting in, and how Dan approached him in the gym and made friends with him.

25:34 – 26:41 Chris’ First Friend He Made In University Orientation Was Aaron Hernandez

  • Two-time Super Bowl Champion tight end, Aaron Hernandez was also GLL's first friend from orientation.
  • Chris talks about why Aaron Hernandez was arrested and died.

26:41 – 35:23 Chris On Lifting And Partying With Dan Bilzerian In University

  • Dan always invited Chris to parties.
  • Chris and Dan's brother, Adam, kept in touch.
  • Derek asked how good Dan was at getting girls back in college.
  • Chris advised Dan to finish college as Dan wanted to drop out, but he had no idea how rich Dan was at the time.

41:09 – 43:15 Derek & Chris On Peyton Manning Not Being Able To Open A Can Of Beans & Top 0.0001% Knowledge

  • Peyton Manning could read any defense and was the best quarterback in the NFL but doesn't know how to open a can of beans
  • Derek And Chris talk about basic things they have no idea how to do

43:15 – 46:10 Chris On Not Being Able To Ride A Bike And Getting Killed In Your Dreams

  • Chris shares how he got rollerblades instead of a bike, so he felt he had no reason to learn how to bike.
  • Chris dreams about being chased by a guy with a knife and seeing a bike and then getting stabbed in the back because he doesn't know how to ride it.
  • Derek and Chris talk about not knowing how to change a tire and how people assume they're experts in all fields.

46:14 – 51:35 How To Monetize Content Online After Finishing The “Get Laid” Phase Of Your Life

  • Free content is like advertising, but they don't do paid advertising.
  • If all of the Good Looking Loser articles were originally released in an eBook instead, nobody would be watching or listening in.
  • If you have an audience, you can monetize it.
  • Focus on content and posting.
  • Once the following/audience comes, they will trust your judgment on recommending products for them to buy.

51:35 – 54:07 Did Chris Have Any Self Doubt About His Expertise When He First Started Good Looking Loser?

  • Chris talks about how he started his blog with Scotty, how bumpy it was, and how his original plan was to just give fitness advice as a personal trainer.

54:07 – 59:47 How To Set Realistic Income Expectations As An Aspiring Entrepreneur

  • Chris got the idea from smart passive income to give away content for free.
  • Chris talks about affiliate programs.
  • Chris started his income expectations on GLL at $50 a day, and $100 a day for Happy Hippo.
  • Getting into Gorilla Mind, Chris' expectations were extremely high.
  • If you make $500,000 a month, most people would tell you that's a success. It doesn't feel like it though if your goal is $1 million a month. So, you're always going to feel you're playing from behind if you don't set realistic goals, and that's not a healthy mentality.
  • Always have low expectations going into business ventures.

59:52 – 1:04:08 After The Getting Laid And Getting Paid Aspect Of Your Life Is Over What’s Next?

  • Chris talks about his financial standing.
  • Chris talks about his children's foundation.
  • Derek talks about still focusing on content and his higher aspirations.
  • Chris and Derek talk about getting past the stage of getting laid and hunger for success.

1:04:08 – 1:07:21 How Will You Know When The Get Laid Phase Of Your Life Is Handled?

  • You'll know when you've got past the get laid phase when you stop enjoying it.
  • Derek delves into lay count goals and getting over insecurity
  • Derek discusses transitioning into a stable relationship

1:07:21 – 1:09:50 Should You Go To College?

  • The usual alternatives of not going to college:
    • Go join the Army
    • Get a minimum-wage job
    • Work on the oil rigs
  • Chris is going to post an article about what do you do if you should opt to not go to college.
  • Derek wishes he didn't go to college at all.
  • Student debt is a financial scam and a waste of time.
  • The situations where going to college makes sense

1:09:54 – 1:12:31 Derek & Chris On Unexpected Outcomes Stemming From Starting A Business

  • Unexpected outcomes ultimately contribute to who you are as a person and having no regrets.

1:12:31 – 1:16:51 How Your Happiness Level Is Dictated By Getting Rich

  • There's no amount you can get, or be given, or earned that's going to make you happy.
  • Happiness is meeting the basic necessities, paying bills, and some play money.

1:18:11 – 1:22:32 The Importance Of Incorporating Fun Into Your Life

  • Plan to one fun or new experience a week.
  • Go out with your girl.
  • Learning how to have fun and be present is critical during self-improvement.

1:22:32 – 1:25:04 How Bodybuilding Discipline Can Be Applied To Getting Girls And Money

  • The commitment of a bodybuilder is something that can be redirected and applied to succeed in all facets of life.

1:25:04 – 1:28:38 Should You Focus On Your Strengths And Outsource Your Weaknesses In Business?

  • When you're starting out, you should try to get a fundamental understanding of everything.
  • Chris talks about his weakness in accounting.
  • Derek talks about teaching his employees.
  • You need to know the “how” and “why” of everything on a very basic level in your business, and then someone else can do the “what” for you, the actual work.
  • Your strengths will ultimately make you money.

1:28:38 – 1:32:23 Why You Shouldn’t Start A Cannabis Company If You Don’t Smoke Weed

  • Cannabis is a good business opportunity for some now that it is being embraced and legalized, but if you're going to monetize and build a business, it should be around what you care about and you're expert in, not just what is a “good business opportunity”.

1:32:23 – 1:33:41 Chris’ Discusses Good Looking Loser Comeback

  • After getting Chris' businesses are on autopilot, he plans to make a comeback on Good Looking Loser focusing on:
    • Committed relationships
    • How to make money
    • How to create a website you never touch that passively makes $2,000 a month
    • How to build a blog
    • E-commerce stores

1:33:41 – 1:42:33 What To Do If You’re 23 Years Old And Have Underachieved With Women And Finances

  • You shouldn't be handling both at the same time if you're 23 years old.
  • Seriously evaluate why you're not doing well.
  • Derek completely focused on getting women in his late teens/early 20's with less than $100 in his bank account at nearly all times. The last thing on his mind was handling business.
  • Focus on learning, not earning.
  • If you don't complete the get laid phase of your life early, when you meet girls when you're in your 30's and rich, you will probably not have the emotional health or dating IQ to even realize you're being played.

1:42:33 – 1:44:56 How Your Brain Changes As You Hit 25 Years Old

  • Derek talks about overthinking in his early 20's and not understanding basic concepts to make money
  • You start to see things more clearly and with a more logical perspective as you get older

1:44:56 – 1:46:24 Chris Pulls Out The GLL Bandana

  • Chris digs out an old GLL bandana that he used to wear back in his pick up days when it was more fashionable in L.A.
  • Chris talks about his fashion choices during his pick up days, and how fashion is different today than it used to be.

1:46:24 – 1:49:46 Derek & Chris On What Their Current Daily Routine Looks Like

  • Chris' Schedule
    • Wake up
    • Make Kratom and coffee
    • Check social media
    • Work out
    • Shower
    • Go to the warehouse at 11pm-6am
    • Set up Happy Hippo for the day
    • Read and respond to e-mails
    • Go to bed

1:49:46 – 1:52:31 Chris On When He First Realized He Was Making An Impact Online

  • For Chris, it was the night of the election of Obama's second term when he faced off against Mitt Romney when a guy sent him $1,000 on PayPal with a note that just said, “Thanks, Chris, for your advice.”

1:52:31 – 1:54:28 Derek & Chris On Daily Use Of Kratom Or Phenibut

  • Daily use of Phenibut is dangerous and a horrible idea. Its use should be limited to 1-2 days per week at most.
  • Daily Kratom should ideally be reserved only for those who need it for pain management.

1:54:28 – 1:56:23 Derek & Chris Discuss Hanging, Jelqing & Stretching For Increasing Your Penis Size

  • Chris tried hanging and worked his way up to a 25 pound plate to stretch his penis
  • Derek talks about jelqing
  • The discoloration that Chris got was not from Bathmate, it was from jelqing.

1:56:23 – 1:57:00 How Much Size Gain Can You Expect Using The Bathmate Alone For PE?

  • If you use it every day for a year or two, you could gain an inch or more in length and 1.5 inches in girth.

1:57:00 – 1:58:04 Derek & Chris On Using The Bathmate Before Having Sex

1:58:04 – 2:04:28 Is Cold Approach Still A Good Idea Nowadays?

  • Most men nowadays are beta males, which leads to lower competition than ever.
  • Cold approach principles are still more or less the same. If you are above a girl's looks threshold, can hold a conversation, and she is sexually available, you will not be seen as creepy for cold approaching, and will set yourself apart from the majority of men who are glued to their phones and afraid to talk to women.

2:04:28 – 2:08:28 Results From Tinder Vs Plenty Of Fish Vs OkCupid

  • Tinder – The most superficial app, but easiest to succeed on if you look good. If you are good looking and have good pictures, you will do well. If you don't, then you won't do well. Period.
  • Plenty Of Fish – This site has several more layers above and beyond pictures, but your results will still be dictated largely by your looks here. This is where you can highlight your job, hobbies, personality, and even physical stats to give you an edge if any of those are top tier.
  • OkCupid – The weirdest dating site of all. This site has a small user base, and most of the girls on it are hipsters, bisexuals, and odd balls. You can find some diamonds in the rough on OKC though.

2:08:28 – 2:10:25 Derek & Chris On The “Apocalypse Opener” & Other “DTF” One-Liners

  • Reminiscing about throwing out DTF one-liners that actually worked.
  • Pretending to be innocent to get you girls.

2:10:25 – 2:12:38 Derek & Chris On “Nice Guy” Approaches & Being “Boyfriend Material”

  • One of the biggest obstacles for Chris was being viewed too much as boyfriend material.

2:13:31 – 2:16:54 Is It Worth Starting College If You’re Already In Your 20’s?

  • Who's going to pay for your tuition?
    • Getting a scholarship to pay for your tuition
  • Is the experience something you can replicate without even going to college?

2:16:54 – 2:19:20 Derek & Chris Reminisce About The Pick Up Days

  • Reminiscing on the old pick up days and talking about how it differs nowadays.
  • Derek talks about if he has any regrets or has anything he would have changed.

2:19:20 – 2:20:37 Why You Shouldn’t Copy Other PUA’s When You Start Pick Up

  • Copying somebody else's pick up tactics will just cloud your mind and prevent you from progressing quickly.
  • Use others as inspiration, but ultimately what will work best for you is developed as you go on the fly, and will be congruent to your personality.

2:20:37 – 2:21:57 Chris On Looking Good Vs Being Cool For Attracting Women

  • Being good looking gets you laid, but the guys who got laid in the night scene and at parties the most were the ones who were fun to be around and were just seen as cool

2:21:57 – 2:24:30 How To Not Ruin Your Life In Your 20’s

  • Don't ruin your life in your early 20's.
    • Don't Have Kids Out of Wedlock, Or Before You Can Even Support Yourself
    • Don't Go To Prison
    • Don't Get Addicted To Hardcore Drugs or Alcohol. If You Do, Seek Treatment ASAP
    • Don't Spend Money That You Don't Have On Crap You Don't Need
    • Don't Acquire Major Debt From Student Loans
    • Don't Get a Job (or Degree) Unrelated to How You Are Actually Going to Make Big Money
    • Don't Be Risk Averse
    • Don't Waste Your 20's Making Someone Else Rich
    • Don't Have Low Aspirations For Yourself

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